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  1. Photo of Chen Yin-jung

    Chen Yin-jung Director

  2. Photo of Rady Fu

    Rady Fu Screenplay

  3. Photo of Tony Yang

    Tony Yang Cast

  4. Photo of Duncan Lai

    Duncan Lai Cast

  5. Photo of Chin King

    Chin King Cast

  6. Photo of Dada Ji

    Dada Ji Cast

  7. Photo of Jimmy Yang

    Jimmy Yang Cast

  8. Photo of Jason Chang

    Jason Chang Cast

  9. Photo of Ladder Yu

    Ladder Yu Cast

  10. Photo of Huang Guan-Jie

    Huang Guan-Jie Cast

  11. Photo of Yang Tze-Long

    Yang Tze-Long Cast

  12. Photo of Jeff Locker

    Jeff Locker Cast

  13. Photo of Chen Hsi-Sheng

    Chen Hsi-Sheng Cinematography

  14. Photo of George Chen

    George Chen Music

  15. Photo of Hung Tze-li

    Hung Tze-li Music

  16. Photo of Aileen Li

    Aileen Li Producer

  17. Photo of Michelle Yeh

    Michelle Yeh Producer

  18. Photo of Chen Hsiao-tong

    Chen Hsiao-tong Editing