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  1. Graveyard Poet's rating of the film Desierto

    Bleak desert tale of psychopathic racist stalking Mexicans with his rifle and shooting them down as they cross the border unfortunately offers no backgrounds about the characters and is basically one long pointless chase scene.

  2. Igor Leoni's rating of the film Desierto

  3. Steve G.'s rating of the film Desierto

  4. †. Kennedy Pope's rating of the film Desierto

    This is stale and frustrating to watch for so many reasons. The story is simple to a fault, and the characters are painfully moronic and incredulous. The only redeeming quality is that Jonás Cuarón's cinematography is clearly influenced by his father's early work.

  5. ionosonde's rating of the film Desierto

    hard to watch given the current political climate. some of it, especially the final chase, feels like a film from the 70s/80s shot with modern equipment and cinematography. humans don't deserve dogs.

  6. vordven's rating of the film Desierto

  7. Robert Burdock's rating of the film Desierto

    Not the most complex of storylines - a nutter taking the law into his own hands protecting the US Border against Mexican migrants - but still a solid (topical) offering from a director with few films to his name. Jeffrey Dean Morgan is strong as a psycho racist (aided by an equally psychotic dog), and Cuarón shows some real directorial talent (especially in bringing a sense of the beauty and harshness of the desert)

  8. Daniel Garcia's rating of the film Desierto

    Negan es malo , el premio al PERRO quemado

  9. MATTEO BITTANTI's rating of the film Desierto

    The unnamed gunman is the quintessential Trumpian hero.

  10. Eddie Rinctoya's rating of the film Desierto

  11. A.B. II: The Return's rating of the film Desierto

    The premise is extremely simple, and more emotional development during the downtime would have substantially enhanced the film. Still, I think it's a well-directed thriller. The chase sequences are relentlessly enthralling, the cinematography is unexpectedly outstanding, and the music and sound design are pretty damn effective. It might not give you the depth you want, but it's still an enjoyable piece of suspense.

  12. Stephane Tanaka's rating of the film Desierto

    No need for a script or a meaning, it's a pure genre movie. (but not the best in the genre here)

  13. Marco Pierrard's rating of the film Desierto

    Thriller aride, Desierto étonne par la pauvreté de son scénario et la vacuité de son propos sur le sujet pourtant très actuel des migrants. Chronique complète à lire sur Citazine :