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Ratings & Reviews

  1. dave gunn's rating of the film Fortress

    A bad-ass schoolteacher and a buncha bad-ass kids take on a group of masked murderers. It does not go well for the masked murderers. This was a fun movie.

  2. Lthm2's rating of the film Fortress

    This is one of these most-sought film you probably saw during your childhood and only remember bits and pieces. Arch Nicholson was a great director and offer something of a gestalt film who really touched deep in my unconscious.

  3. cauana's rating of the film Fortress

    the best of my childhood

  4. Christopher R. Smith's rating of the film Fortress

    Made-for-TV Australian film is an intense survival thriller, sharply-scripted by the great underrated Everett De Roche. An excellent Rachel Ward leads a believable young cast through finely-tuned, character-driven suspense sequence after sequence, leading to a genuine shocker of a climax. Even if the score by Danny Beckerman is pretty dated, it definitely deserves to be better known.

  5. J. O.'s rating of the film Fortress

    Like a devious mix between Red Dawn and Lord of the Flies. Although there is a kidnapping scenario, it mostly deals with the transformation of persons caught in traumatic situations. Do they maintain their humanity, or do they succumb to primal defense? The soundtrack music was a little strange at times, but all in all it was interesting and the ending was fantastic.