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  1. Photo of Antonia Rothe

    Antonia Rothe Screenplay

  2. Photo of Katrin Milhahn

    Katrin Milhahn Screenplay

  3. Photo of Lynn Dortschack

    Lynn Dortschack Cast

  4. Photo of Linda Anh Dang

    Linda Anh Dang Cast

  5. Photo of Janina Elkin

    Janina Elkin Cast

  6. Photo of Ulrike Bliefert

    Ulrike Bliefert Cast

  7. Photo of Ulrich Brandhoff

    Ulrich Brandhoff Cast

  8. Photo of Petra Kleinert

    Petra Kleinert Cast

  9. Photo of Steffi Kühnert

    Steffi Kühnert Cast

  10. Photo of Andreas Schmidt

    Andreas Schmidt Cast

  11. Photo of Anna Schumacher

    Anna Schumacher Cast

  12. Photo of Lena Stolze

    Lena Stolze Cast

  13. Photo of Florian Wihstutz

    Florian Wihstutz Cast

  14. Photo of Lisa Wihstutz

    Lisa Wihstutz Cast

  15. Photo of Namche Okon

    Namche Okon Cinematography

  16. Photo of Nadine Schmidt

    Nadine Schmidt Production Design

  17. Photo of Norbert Lechner

    Norbert Lechner Producer and Director

  18. Photo of Manuela Kempf

    Manuela Kempf Editing

  19. Photo of Birgitta Lohrer-Horres

    Birgitta Lohrer-Horres Costume Design