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  1. Photo of Moumen Smihi

    Moumen Smihi Screenplay, Producer Director

  2. Photo of Pierre Clémenti

    Pierre Clémenti Cast

  3. Photo of Marie-France Pisier

    Marie-France Pisier Cast

  4. Photo of Abdelslam Faraoui

    Abdelslam Faraoui Cast

  5. Photo of Mohamed Habachi

    Mohamed Habachi Cast

  6. Photo of Naima Lamcharki

    Naima Lamcharki Cast

  7. Photo of Christine Pascal

    Christine Pascal Cast

  8. Photo of Abdelkrim Derkaoui

    Abdelkrim Derkaoui Cinematography

  9. Photo of Pierre Lhomme

    Pierre Lhomme Cinematography

  10. Photo of Guido Baggiani

    Guido Baggiani Music

  11. Photo of Ben Yarmolinsky

    Ben Yarmolinsky Music

  12. Photo of Claude Farny

    Claude Farny Editing

  13. Photo of Elisabeth Moulinier

    Elisabeth Moulinier Editing