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  1. Jugu Abraham's rating of the film Forty Guns

    Good script by Fuller adapting the Wyatt Earp tale with a female character added. That Barbara Stanwyck did the scene where she is dragged by the horse herself is amazing at age 49! Stanwyck is memorable throughout. Spectacular low-angle cinematography by Joseph Biroc. The pre-titles opening sequence is unforgettable. Fuller's decision to shoot the film in b/w cinemascope is intriguing but laudable. A major western.

  2. Ethan's rating of the film Forty Guns

    This is one of the most unique and original westerns ever made and also one of the grittiest. This explosive cast blasts through this movie like a thundering herd of cattle and are just as relentless.

  3. FISCHER's rating of the film Forty Guns

    Western à vous couper le souffle, qui contient de grands moments de cinéma, puissants et violents. Un spectacle saisissant à l'humour noir et poétique .....

  4.'s rating of the film Forty Guns

    (...)Fuller kennt die Qualitäten seines Stars und nutzt sie. Bonnell scheint das auch zu wissen: “You look upset". Sie daraufhin: “I was born upset!”. Die Ironie dieses Satzes, sie steht für Fuller und Stanwyk. Sie steht für den ganzen Film. Was für ein Meisterwerk!

  5. HSBilly's rating of the film Forty Guns

    its fuller's after all.

  6. Howard Fritzson's rating of the film Forty Guns

    Stanwyck is so sharp. She must have had a great relationship with Fuller. No one else could have delivered her lines with such authority and wit.

  7. Ozu_Teapot's rating of the film Forty Guns

  8. Simon Reid's rating of the film Forty Guns

    "I never kissed a gunsmith before." "Any recoil?" Hard to fault this. I was only really familiar with Barbara Stanwyck (who stars as an influential Arizona landowner with a sort of private army of gunslingers) but she leads a fine cast and Tombstone circa 1880 is brought to the screen in superb detail, with lovingly hand-lettered signs as far as the camera can see. 80 minutes flew by and I only wished there was more.

  9. JonMB's rating of the film Forty Guns

    I laughed, but not because the movie was funny. I don't expect a good western to be absolutely authentic to the time period but this was really a stretch.

  10. Alexandre Roy's rating of the film Forty Guns

    I've yet to see a Fuller film I did not like. "Forty Guns" is a rather bleak western featuring an iconic performance by Stanwyck as "the girl with the whip" leading a gang of forty men that follow her orders. Black and white CinemaScope in all its glory and uncompromising like a true Sam Fuller movie.

  11. Diderot's rating of the film Forty Guns

    I love the idea of Stanwyck with her forty kept men. I want to know what goes on after hours. Oh, to be a fly on the wall at bath time...

  12. Dalibor's rating of the film Forty Guns

    Apart from offering a woman protagonist as a 50's idea for reviving the genre, it comes to peace with decline of the entire culture, as older generation is seeking it's peaceful way out and young one's are barely worth a bullet in the end.

  13. Samuel Andrade's rating of the film Forty Guns

  14. AugusteB's rating of the film Forty Guns

    Just to hear Barbara Stanwyck's voice and how she uses this whip is worth watching it.

  15. Duncan Gray's rating of the film Forty Guns

    Behold, the beauty of Sam Fuller with CinemaScope! A fun western, given that visceral, guttural kick that Fuller could give to anything, with so many guns-as-phallic-symbols scenes that he's practically baiting psychoanalytic film theorists. Not quite sure about the finale—although with Fuller, you can never be sure how much you're supposed to take a happy ending seriously.

  16. Trevor's rating of the film Forty Guns

    Wildly watchable and hypnotically strange, this is a western like no other, in story and style. The occasional lack of coherence in the plot aids the hallucinatory atmosphere of the film, with images powerful enough to be dreamt.

  17. Sudipto Basu's rating of the film Forty Guns

    As a friend said, one of the textbook examples of genre filmmaking. Everything here is play with pure form.

  18. ZYNAB's rating of the film Forty Guns

    ok so it's been established that barbara is the hardest bitch in the state and then 45 min into the film she needs to be saved and then she lets her empire deteriorate for luv and then she needs to be saved again? bad case of queen christina syndrome

  19. Chuck Williamson's rating of the film Forty Guns

    Overheated, deliciously kinky, and subversive as hell. Sam Fuller's crisp, high contrast black-and-white Cinemascope compositions dazzle and disarm. Stanwyck's rawhide dominatrix damn near out-Crawfords Crawford.

  20. Arshi Rai's rating of the film Forty Guns

    Didn't hit me as much as it should've, but still an impressive film in many respects. I'm not sure, I felt like the flim was too quick maybe, and some things felt glossed over.

  21. axsaxs's rating of the film Forty Guns

    Everything moves so quickly and seems rushed. Enjoyable nonetheless. Also, gotta respect Barbara Stanwyck for doing her own stunts where she's dragged by a galloping horse for god knows how long.

  22. Nelson Núñez's rating of the film Forty Guns

    Un western que se destaca por su notable fotografía en blanco y negro (como salida de un film de Miklós Jancsó o Bela Tarr) y algunos planos secuencias admirables. La historia no me apasionó, pero se sigue sin problema alguno. Aunque sea una verdad de perogrullo, tengo que decirlo: Samuel Fuller sigue siendo uno de los cineastas más grandes de Norteamérica. El opening tiene una fuerza descomunal.

  23. Michel Poiccard's rating of the film Forty Guns

  24. Scout Tafoya's rating of the film Forty Guns

    The only thing wrong with Forty Guns is that it ends too soon.

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