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  1. Photo of Charles Chauvel

    Charles Chauvel Director, Producer Screenplay

  2. Photo of E.V. Timms

    E.V. Timms Screenplay

  3. Photo of Elsa Chauvel

    Elsa Chauvel Screenplay

  4. Photo of Grant Taylor

    Grant Taylor Cast

  5. Photo of Red Gallagher

    Red Gallagher Cast

  6. Photo of Betty Bryant

    Betty Bryant Cast

  7. Photo of Chips Rafferty

    Chips Rafferty Cast

  8. Photo of Pat Twohill

    Pat Twohill Cast

  9. Photo of Harvey Adams

    Harvey Adams Cast

  10. Photo of Eric Reiman

    Eric Reiman Cast

  11. Photo of Joe Valli

    Joe Valli Cast

  12. Photo of Albert C. Winn

    Albert C. Winn Cast

  13. Photo of Kenneth Brampton

    Kenneth Brampton Cast

  14. Photo of John Fleeting

    John Fleeting Cast

  15. Photo of Harry Abdy

    Harry Abdy Cast

  16. Photo of Norman Maxwell

    Norman Maxwell Cast

  17. Photo of Pat Penny

    Pat Penny Cast

  18. Photo of George Heath

    George Heath Cinematography

  19. Photo of Lindley Evans

    Lindley Evans Music

  20. Photo of William Shepherd

    William Shepherd Editing

  21. Photo of Clive Cross

    Clive Cross Sound

  22. Photo of Arthur Smith

    Arthur Smith Sound