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  1. Photo of Maria Clara Escobar

    Maria Clara Escobar Screenplay

  2. Photo of Felipe Sholl

    Felipe Sholl Screenplay

  3. Photo of Lucio Bonelli

    Lucio Bonelli Cinematography

  4. Photo of Marina Meliande

    Marina Meliande Editing

  5. Photo of Facundo Paco Girón

    Facundo Paco Girón Sound

  6. Photo of Lucas Marcier

    Lucas Marcier Music

  7. Photo of Sônia Guedes

    Sônia Guedes Cast

  8. Photo of Lisa E. Fávero

    Lisa E. Fávero Cast

  9. Photo of Luiz Serra

    Luiz Serra Cast

  10. Photo of Ricardo Merkin

    Ricardo Merkin Cast

  11. Photo of Antônio Dos Santos

    Antônio Dos Santos Cast

  12. Photo of Nelson Justiniano

    Nelson Justiniano Cast

  13. Photo of Maria Aparecida Campos

    Maria Aparecida Campos Cast

  14. Photo of Manoelina Dos Santos

    Manoelina Dos Santos Cast

  15. Photo of Evanilde Souza

    Evanilde Souza Cast

  16. Photo of Lúcia Murat

    Lúcia Murat Producer

  17. Photo of Júlia Murat

    Júlia Murat Producer, Director, Screenplay

  18. Photo of Christian Boudier

    Christian Boudier Producer

  19. Photo of Julia Solomonoff

    Julia Solomonoff Producer

  20. Photo of Felicitas Raffo

    Felicitas Raffo Producer

  21. Photo of Juliette Lepoutre

    Juliette Lepoutre Producer

  22. Photo of Marie-Pierre Macia

    Marie-Pierre Macia Producer