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  1. mad.lucas's rating of the film Found Memories

    I expected more from Lucia Murat's daughter debut film. Yeah, i like its gloomy atmosphere and the inclined figures. The repetition of scenes allegorize passage of time and are brilliantly delivered. But the creative potential of cemetery's mystery is unfortunately wasted in a few sparse photos, while the last minutes are just frustrating. 3,5.

  2. David R Williams's rating of the film Found Memories

    Day begins. You make the bread. I make the coffee. We perform the rituals. Eat the meals. Go through the motions. Cling to our memories. We do the same today as we did yesterday as we will do tomorrow. Years flow into decades into...more? Then a new face appears and time begins again. What a beautiful film.

  3. Dallas Swindell's rating of the film Found Memories

    An exorcise in pacing, one slower than the pace of the mezcal flowing through my bloodstream while watching. Though the dark, smokey flavor complimented the tone of Found Memories well. Are they isolationists, is this an Eden of sorts, are they ghosts, is this a worm in time whereby a younger self comes to replace the older? Depends on your BAC. 2 fingers Mezcal, pineapple and grapefruit juice to taste, on the rocks.

  4. caitlin.f's rating of the film Found Memories

    a little slow but very beautiful cinematography.

  5. Mikhail Karadimov's rating of the film Found Memories

    What a strangely rendered little picture about photography. It's all about how wide you want your exposure, if you want a little or a lot. Director Murat opts for a little. With beautiful lighting, and dark and contrasted compositions that blend together poignantly with actual film snaps lovingly framed by Rita--the film's young key to the abandoned town's memories--the film moved me in a way films rarely do.

  6. Shuo Chen's rating of the film Found Memories

  7. meredithgraves's rating of the film Found Memories

    It is important to continually elevate breadmaking as a powerful force and an art form. This film is quiet and elegant.

  8. Bernardo Anderson's rating of the film Found Memories

    A beautiful film about old age and the memories of what living that long brings.

  9. Jacinta Escudos's rating of the film Found Memories

    Loved the photography and the slow but natural pace of the movie.

  10. Beaty Reynolds's rating of the film Found Memories

    South Americans, many of them Brazilian, have produced some of the greatest films of the last several decades. This is unfortunately not one of them. Nicely photographed lush scenery and aging faces. But there's no more depth than a coffee table book of ruined, fading towns. The lead actress (not the young one) is at least compelling to watch, though I'm not sure why, because she has almost nothing to do.

  11. hellobonjour's rating of the film Found Memories

  12. Janis's rating of the film Found Memories

    Can be slow, but is visually worth it.

  13. Carlos Filipe Freitas's rating of the film Found Memories

    A sweet, melancholic, and rewarding piece of filmmaking, which didn’t need more than a few simplistic processes and passionate candidness to captivate. Review and Rating:

  14. Movieman70's rating of the film Found Memories

    Beautiful film with great cinematography

  15. Zeppo's rating of the film Found Memories

  16. Frank ViSo's rating of the film Found Memories

    Cinema che si forma nella memoria: immortalare i ricordi vissuti di un tempo (s)perduto, dimenticato, facendoli transitare in un'era contemporanea che mai come ora, necessita di nutrirsi con realtà ancestrali, e dal retrogusto magico...

  17. CarlosEsquives's rating of the film Found Memories

    Interesante de inicio a fin. Una ópera prima con sabor a nostalgia y melancolía. Una estadía a un lugar que parece un limbo habitado por zombies que se resisten a morir.

  18. Pedro Franceschini's rating of the film Found Memories

    The timing in this movie is really interesting, even brave for times with movies so fast. It has its slips, but is a really deep reflection on time, memory and death. The acting by Sonia Guedes is remarkable.

  19. David Slotema's rating of the film Found Memories

    This movie is about so many things you would expect it too be loud and fast paced yet it is so deafeningly silent and gently paced, like a little rivulet with banks full of flowers that flows through valley after valley. Adorned with beautiful austere imagery, a feast for the eyes.

  20. Matthew_Lucas's rating of the film Found Memories

    A young photographer stumbles across a tiny village whose elderly population lives a much simpler way of life away from the hustle & bustle of modern life. Slowly, she becomes a part of their community, and they change each other in subtle & remarkable ways. A beautifully understated drama explores the inherent desire for a slower pace, and the universal need to be remembered as life moves inevitably forward.