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  1. Photo of Lee Hsing

    Lee Hsing Director

  2. Photo of Pai Ching-jui

    Pai Ching-jui Director and Screenplay

  3. Photo of Li Han-Hsiang

    Li Han-Hsiang Director and Screenplay

  4. Photo of Chang Yung-hsiang

    Chang Yung-hsiang Screenplay

  5. Photo of King Hu

    King Hu Screenplay and Director

  6. Photo of Li Zhishan

    Li Zhishan Screenplay

  7. Photo of Chu Hsiang-Kan

    Chu Hsiang-Kan Screenplay

  8. Photo of Chang Fu-kan

    Chang Fu-kan Cast

  9. Photo of Chang Mei-yao

    Chang Mei-yao Cast

  10. Photo of Ko Hsiang Ting

    Ko Hsiang Ting Cast

  11. Photo of Ou Wei

    Ou Wei Cast

  12. Photo of Zhen Zhen

    Zhen Zhen Cast

  13. Photo of Yang Yueh

    Yang Yueh Cast

  14. Photo of Li Kwei

    Li Kwei Cast

  15. Photo of Chin Hu

    Chin Hu Cast

  16. Photo of Chen Kuo Chun

    Chen Kuo Chun Cast

  17. Photo of Tseng Chang

    Tseng Chang Cast

  18. Photo of Tsao Chien

    Tsao Chien Cast

  19. Photo of Chen Bao-liang

    Chen Bao-liang Cast

  20. Photo of Liang Shuanguan

    Liang Shuanguan Cast

  21. Photo of Han Su

    Han Su Cast

  22. Photo of Chan Wai-Lau

    Chan Wai-Lau Cast

  23. Photo of Chen Yung Shu

    Chen Yung Shu Cinematography

  24. Photo of Joseph Koo

    Joseph Koo Music

  25. Photo of Wu Ta-chiang

    Wu Ta-chiang Music

  26. Photo of Huang Mou-Shan

    Huang Mou-Shan Music

  27. Photo of Tso Hung Yuen

    Tso Hung Yuen Music

  28. Photo of Dajiang Wu

    Dajiang Wu Music

  29. Photo of Li Shao Jing

    Li Shao Jing Production Design

  30. Photo of Chang Pei-shing

    Chang Pei-shing Production Design

  31. Photo of Wang Jin-chen

    Wang Jin-chen Editing