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  1. Photo of Tomas Alfredson

    Tomas Alfredson Director, Screenplay, Cast

  2. Photo of Robert Gustafsson

    Robert Gustafsson Screenplay, Cast

  3. Photo of Johan Rheborg

    Johan Rheborg Screenplay, Cast

  4. Photo of Caisa Westling

    Caisa Westling Producer

  5. Photo of Leif Benjour

    Leif Benjour Cinematography

  6. Photo of Louise Brattberg

    Louise Brattberg Editing

  7. Photo of Eva Norén

    Eva Norén Production Design

  8. Photo of Erik Näsman

    Erik Näsman Sound

  9. Photo of Maria Kulle

    Maria Kulle Cast

  10. Photo of Karl Linnertorp

    Karl Linnertorp Cast

  11. Photo of Jonas Inde

    Jonas Inde Cast, Screenplay

  12. Photo of Karin Holmberg

    Karin Holmberg Cast

  13. Photo of Viktor Friberg

    Viktor Friberg Cast

  14. Photo of Eva Ekengren

    Eva Ekengren Cast

  15. Photo of Tore Persson

    Tore Persson Cast

  16. Photo of Henrik Schyffert

    Henrik Schyffert Cast, Screenplay

  17. Photo of Anna Björk

    Anna Björk Cast

  18. Photo of Iwar Wiklander

    Iwar Wiklander Cast

  19. Photo of Karin Ekström

    Karin Ekström Cast

  20. Photo of Finn Nielsen

    Finn Nielsen Cast

  21. Photo of Fyr Thorvald Strömberg

    Fyr Thorvald Strömberg Cast

  22. Photo of Martin Luuk

    Martin Luuk Cast, Screenplay

  23. Photo of Ulf Brunnberg

    Ulf Brunnberg Cast

  24. Photo of Sofia Helin

    Sofia Helin Cast

  25. Photo of Anna Ulrika Ericsson

    Anna Ulrika Ericsson Cast

  26. Photo of Tanja Lorentzon

    Tanja Lorentzon Cast

  27. Photo of Sofia Wärngård Lang

    Sofia Wärngård Lang Cast

  28. Photo of Magnus Mark

    Magnus Mark Cast

  29. Photo of Anders Johannisson

    Anders Johannisson Cast

  30. Photo of Oskar Thunberg

    Oskar Thunberg Cast

  31. Photo of Elisabeth Carlsson

    Elisabeth Carlsson Cast

  32. Photo of Conny Linnteg

    Conny Linnteg Cast

  33. Photo of Åsa Wideen

    Åsa Wideen Cast

  34. Photo of Sofia Rönnegård

    Sofia Rönnegård Cast

  35. Photo of Jan-Erik Emretsson

    Jan-Erik Emretsson Cast

  36. Photo of Kiran Ahuja

    Kiran Ahuja Cast

  37. Photo of Henry Castenland

    Henry Castenland Cast

  38. Photo of Peter Carlsson

    Peter Carlsson Cast

  39. Photo of Lotta Ivert

    Lotta Ivert Cast

  40. Photo of Andres Lokko

    Andres Lokko Cast, Screenplay

  41. Photo of Angela Widgren

    Angela Widgren Cast