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  1. Photo of Jim Goddard

    Jim Goddard Director

  2. Photo of Trevor Preston

    Trevor Preston Screenplay

  3. Photo of Peter Vaughan

    Peter Vaughan Cast

  4. Photo of Elizabeth Spriggs

    Elizabeth Spriggs Cast

  5. Photo of Bernard Hill

    Bernard Hill Cast

  6. Photo of Derrick O'Connor

    Derrick O'Connor Cast

  7. Photo of Larry Lamb

    Larry Lamb Cast

  8. Photo of Eamon Boland

    Eamon Boland Cast

  9. Photo of Ray Winstone

    Ray Winstone Cast

  10. Photo of Richard Weinbaum

    Richard Weinbaum Cast

  11. Photo of Rosemary Martin

    Rosemary Martin Cast

  12. Photo of Cindy O'Callaghan

    Cindy O'Callaghan Cast

  13. Photo of Yvette Dotrice

    Yvette Dotrice Cast

  14. Photo of Shaun Curry

    Shaun Curry Cast

  15. Photo of Sidney Livingstone

    Sidney Livingstone Cast

  16. Photo of Chris Jenkinson

    Chris Jenkinson Cast

  17. Photo of Dennis Burgess

    Dennis Burgess Cast

  18. Photo of Frances Bennett

    Frances Bennett Cast

  19. Photo of Maggie Steed

    Maggie Steed Cast

  20. Photo of Patricia Quinn

    Patricia Quinn Cast

  21. Photo of Trudie Goodwin

    Trudie Goodwin Cast

  22. Photo of Karl Howman

    Karl Howman Cast

  23. Photo of Prentis Hancock

    Prentis Hancock Cast

  24. Photo of Bill Nighy

    Bill Nighy Cast

  25. Photo of Jim Carter

    Jim Carter Cast

  26. Photo of David Calder

    David Calder Cast

  27. Photo of Yvonne D'Alpra

    Yvonne D'Alpra Cast

  28. Photo of Ernest Vincze

    Ernest Vincze Cinematography

  29. Photo of George Fenton

    George Fenton Music

  30. Photo of Graham Benson

    Graham Benson Producer

  31. Photo of Verity Lambert

    Verity Lambert Executive Producer

  32. Photo of Andrew Nelson

    Andrew Nelson Editing

  33. Photo of Andrew Boulton

    Andrew Boulton Sound