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  1. Jason's rating of the film Foxes

    My swooning love of FOXES may well be totally disproportionate to the objective goods it has on offer, but what can I say? To each his or her own pleasures. Lyne's diaphanous, smoky grrrl coming-of-ager is neither cynical, especially exploitative, or ironic; it is forlorn and alert to the commonplace cruelties of getting on, w/ a shaggy-dog mien and ragged elegance. Takes me back. Ever shall. It's personal.

  2. Roy's rating of the film Foxes

    Adrian Lyne me fait chier. Mais il fait des belles images et Jodie Foster fait penser à Avril Lavigne dans le film.

  3. chelsea campbell's rating of the film Foxes

    Sometimes ppl die is what this movie is saying

  4. Severus Snape's rating of the film Foxes

  5. The Mayor Of Hell's rating of the film Foxes

    Love these 80s quasi realistic teens in trouble flix. But Adrian Lynne just ain't my cup of tea. Awful editing as well. Film goes all over the place. But a great time capsule and worth watching if you have an 80s fetish like me :)

  6. LETTERBOXD.COM/XESCIE's rating of the film Foxes

    Opening with a shot of a tender teenage foot, surely an homage to the opening of Kubrick's Lolita based upon Nabokov's novel that Lyne adapted 17 years later in 1997. Teenage dopers, what a waste.

  7. rita amal's rating of the film Foxes

  8. SeventiesSinema's rating of the film Foxes

    Watchable, which might make this Lynne's best movie.