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  1. Photo of Romano Scandariato

    Romano Scandariato Director

  2. Photo of Joe D'Amato

    Joe D'Amato Director

  3. Photo of Remo Capitani

    Remo Capitani Cast

  4. Photo of Glauco Onorato

    Glauco Onorato Cast

  5. Photo of Christa Linder

    Christa Linder Cast

  6. Photo of Margaret Rose Keil

    Margaret Rose Keil Cast

  7. Photo of Edmondo Tieghi

    Edmondo Tieghi Cast

  8. Photo of Linda Sini

    Linda Sini Cast

  9. Photo of Luciana Turina

    Luciana Turina Cast

  10. Photo of Dada Gallotti

    Dada Gallotti Cast

  11. Photo of Claudia Bianchi

    Claudia Bianchi Cast

  12. Photo of Pietro Ceccarelli

    Pietro Ceccarelli Cast

  13. Photo of Cesare Di Vito

    Cesare Di Vito Cast

  14. Photo of Sergio Doria

    Sergio Doria Cast

  15. Photo of Attilio Dottesio

    Attilio Dottesio Cast

  16. Photo of Annie Carol Edel

    Annie Carol Edel Cast

  17. Photo of Tom Felleghy

    Tom Felleghy Cast

  18. Photo of Lorenzo Piani

    Lorenzo Piani Cast

  19. Photo of Massimo Pirri

    Massimo Pirri Cast

  20. Photo of Ada Pometti

    Ada Pometti Cast

  21. Photo of Renzo Rinaldi

    Renzo Rinaldi Cast

  22. Photo of Mirella Rossi

    Mirella Rossi Cast

  23. Photo of Osiride Pevarello

    Osiride Pevarello Cast

  24. Photo of Remo Grisanti

    Remo Grisanti Cinematography

  25. Photo of Carlo Savina

    Carlo Savina Music

  26. Photo of Adriano Tagliavia

    Adriano Tagliavia Editing