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  1. Photo of Søren Ole Christensen

    Søren Ole Christensen Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Lykke Nielsen

    Lykke Nielsen Screenplay

  3. Photo of Anette Brandt

    Anette Brandt Cast

  4. Photo of Mathias Klenske

    Mathias Klenske Cast

  5. Photo of Ida Kruse Hannibal

    Ida Kruse Hannibal Cast

  6. Photo of Gunilla Odsbøl

    Gunilla Odsbøl Cast

  7. Photo of Arne Siemsen

    Arne Siemsen Cast

  8. Photo of Charlotte Sieling

    Charlotte Sieling Cast

  9. Photo of Finn Nielsen

    Finn Nielsen Cast

  10. Photo of Axel Strøbye

    Axel Strøbye Cast

  11. Photo of Birgit Sadolin

    Birgit Sadolin Cast

  12. Photo of Jesper Klein

    Jesper Klein Cast

  13. Photo of Tom McEwan

    Tom McEwan Cast

  14. Photo of Morten Suurballe

    Morten Suurballe Cast

  15. Photo of Lisbet Lundquist

    Lisbet Lundquist Cast

  16. Photo of Paprika Steen

    Paprika Steen Cast

  17. Photo of Søren Hytholm Jensen

    Søren Hytholm Jensen Cast

  18. Photo of Søren Steen

    Søren Steen Cast

  19. Photo of Le Münster-Swendsen

    Le Münster-Swendsen Cast

  20. Photo of Birgit Thøt Jensen

    Birgit Thøt Jensen Cast

  21. Photo of Elsebeth Nielsen

    Elsebeth Nielsen Cast

  22. Photo of Niels Weyde

    Niels Weyde Cast

  23. Photo of Frank Lundsgaard Gundersen

    Frank Lundsgaard Gundersen Cast

  24. Photo of Henrik Lykkegaard

    Henrik Lykkegaard Cast

  25. Photo of Wencke Barfoed

    Wencke Barfoed Cast

  26. Photo of Pia Nissen

    Pia Nissen Cast

  27. Photo of Nicolai Brüel

    Nicolai Brüel Cinematography

  28. Photo of Claus Norreen

    Claus Norreen Music

  29. Photo of Søren Rasted

    Søren Rasted Music

  30. Photo of Mads Thomsen

    Mads Thomsen Production Design

  31. Photo of Kenneth Madsen

    Kenneth Madsen Producer

  32. Photo of Pernille Siesbye

    Pernille Siesbye Producer

  33. Photo of Jesper Holm

    Jesper Holm Executive Producer

  34. Photo of Birger Madsen

    Birger Madsen Editing

  35. Photo of Eddie Simonsen

    Eddie Simonsen Sound