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  1. Federico D'Accinni's rating of the film Fragment 53

    Following a similar style to what Joshua Oppenheimer has done with The Act of Killing' and 'The Look of Silence', 'Fragment 53' further investigates the absurd atrocities human beings are able to push themselves towards - with every story being told by a different perpetrator and in a different setting. A lucid and meticulous look at what effects war can have on the human species.

  2. Kevin Matthews's rating of the film Fragment 53

    A fascinating, at times deeply distressing, look at war and warriors. Those interviewed have varying views on the part they have played in dealing death to others, and it is all too easy to see how quickly the cost mounts up.

  3. lou.'s rating of the film Fragment 53

    I think those interviews with Afrikaans soldiers and fighters are incredibly interesting, a great witness of their life, spiritual beliefs and tribal wisdom, family ties, bravery and, above all, cruelty. They've only known war and loss, they fear nothing, they kill cold blood. At the very end, God has failed because the Good and the Evil are inseparable twins: forever and ever they'll fight, no matter what.

  4. Benoit Baudinat's rating of the film Fragment 53

    On pense à The Act of Killing, en moins maitrisé. Mais la sidération et la violence demeurent. Encore un film important.

  5. Juan Soto's rating of the film Fragment 53

    There is no simulation. War is (hyper)real and this film faces it.

  6. PFL's rating of the film Fragment 53

    The interviews with seven former Liberian "warriors" are certainly harrowing and troubling to watch. However I could not help feeling that the decision to allow these firsthand accounts to stand alone - with minimal effort to place them in the wider context of the Liberian civil wars themselves - was an unsatisfying one on the part of the directors.

  7. Joaquín Font's rating of the film Fragment 53

    La historia universal de la destrucción guardará este testimonio como un mensaje de horror y resignación, las páginas su archivo son inagotables, y sin embargo cada página podría bien ser la única.

  8. signoret's rating of the film Fragment 53

    Film qui renseigne plus sur leurs auteurs que sur la guerre du Liberia ( la guerre tribale comme fatalité venue de la nuit des temps avec dieux ancestraux etc.), aucune interrogation sur la parole des "guerriers" survivants, à quoi leur sert-elle ? De jolis plans déplorables.

  9. Michael Zyx MH Claes's rating of the film Fragment 53

    Vae victis ! Malheur aux vaincus.

  10. Cristian Necsulescu's rating of the film Fragment 53

    Gripping, but it only surfaces the heart of darkness. 2.5

  11. Israel Osorio's rating of the film Fragment 53

    Great photography, rhythm, and narrative that presents brutally honest monologues. A season in hell: very strong film with deep reflections on the human condition. A very intimate portrayal of serial murderers.

  12. TvsFranksWildYears's rating of the film Fragment 53

    A look into the hearts, minds, and eyes of men who've looked madness in the face and didn't blink.

  13. David R Williams's rating of the film Fragment 53

    The carefully reasoned and rational cadences of the interviewees - even when detailing the most horrific aspects of their experiences or their occult beliefs - makes what is said all the more chilling. We are insane.

  14. Graf von Zahl's rating of the film Fragment 53

    I read the story about the war in Liberia years ago in Ryszard Kapuscinski's The Shadow of the Sun and I at the beginning of the movie I recalled he mentioned about two-hours long video depicting tortures of one of former leaders. Hard to imagine this video was distributed on VHS and watched all over the country. You'll be moved by "Fragment 53" unless you already saw Joshua Oppenheimer's films.

  15. Roberto Intrieri's rating of the film Fragment 53

    A very original reflection about life and death. How a life in war and caos force to live in the moment with no care of past and future and consequently no moral implications. A jump back at the beginning of the human species!

  16. Silke Neryn's rating of the film Fragment 53

    "If you don't eat you will die so you got to cook that man, eating and keep moving."

  17. saltwater's rating of the film Fragment 53

    These unfortunate men cannot escape the depravity of war and do what they can to survive. Sad and powerful.

  18. Sink.Sink's rating of the film Fragment 53

    A deep journey into the human instinct of survival, described with powerful images and a clear aesthetic direction. Real poetry!

  19. David Richards's rating of the film Fragment 53

    Powerful testimony regarding the demands as well as the horrors of war. "God failed! He failed"

  20. Pietro Daviddi's rating of the film Fragment 53

  21. carlotta manaigo's rating of the film Fragment 53

    Seven Liberian warriors..with cartoon-like names such as Rambo, Mosquito, General Buttnaked.. the film narrates through their testimonies and principals real stories of violence, bestiality, loss and spirituality, which are to illustrate the universal and perpetual essence of war. Beautiful raw cinematography. The camera stays close as to recreate the physical fear in the battle.

  22. giuliosq's rating of the film Fragment 53

  23. Vassilis Tsitsopoulos's rating of the film Fragment 53

    Three stars because this has too much of the "Heart of Darkness" ideology bound up in its inception. Listen to these intelligent, articulate, well-spoken men using US military language in a country created ostensibly for and by former American slaves. There is a spirituality, a gravitas that emanates from them, which is why they were chosen to begin with. The ahistorical, pseudo-universal set-up betrays them.

  24. Girolamo's rating of the film Fragment 53

    A friend who has seen this documentary at a festival in nyc recommended it to me saying that it is a difficult film that doesn't come towards you, that you have to make an active effort to stay with it, but if you do, it pays off by giving you a cold, almost clinical insight in the existential mechanics of violence. After watching, I second this opinion, adding that the cinematography is excellent.

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