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  1. Wee Hunk's rating of the film Frameup

    I understand that she was playing an idiot, but it was very difficult to listen to that voice droning on and on. Still, it was an experimental film which used a variety of techniques to tell the story. My favorite part had to the when the guy gets mad listening to himself telling his story.

  2. chris naughton's rating of the film Frameup

    I recall a very strange, original ending where the face of the actress morphs into rocks on a beach. As usual for Jost, he makes a lot out of a little

  3. TK BUCKLEY's rating of the film Frameup

    Reminds me a bit of Pierrot Le Fou. Instead of the characters reading √Člie Faure, it's drugstore erotic novels. The unlikable leads spew mostly garbage out their mouths and then from nowhere, in their own unique way, speak beautiful poetry. It's amazing, Jost really gets America like few directors do. Also, that scene with the shifting colors of the redwoods had to have been some psychedelic shout-out to Vertigo.

  4. Jason's rating of the film Frameup

    Absolutely my favorite American film not made by Cassavetes. Absolutely my favorite film of the 90s. Every segment is a stunning experiment and they all cohere magnificently. The magic numerology of twelve (as w/ the apostles, Kant's categories of understanding, etc.). That it sank like a brick at Sundance may be explained by the fact that it declares all-out war on everything that Sundance stands for.

  5. MBmn's rating of the film Frameup