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  1. Photo of Terence Fisher

    Terence Fisher Director

  2. Photo of Anthony Hinds

    Anthony Hinds Screenplay

  3. Photo of Peter Cushing

    Peter Cushing Cast

  4. Photo of David Prowse

    David Prowse Cast

  5. Photo of Shane Briant

    Shane Briant Cast

  6. Photo of Madeline Smith

    Madeline Smith Cast

  7. Photo of John Stratton

    John Stratton Cast

  8. Photo of Patrick Troughton

    Patrick Troughton Cast

  9. Photo of Michael Ward

    Michael Ward Cast

  10. Photo of Elsie Wagstaff

    Elsie Wagstaff Cast

  11. Photo of Norman Mitchell

    Norman Mitchell Cast

  12. Photo of Clifford Mollison

    Clifford Mollison Cast

  13. Photo of Philip Voss

    Philip Voss Cast

  14. Photo of Christopher Cunningham

    Christopher Cunningham Cast

  15. Photo of Charles Lloyd Pack

    Charles Lloyd Pack Cast

  16. Photo of Lucy Griffiths

    Lucy Griffiths Cast

  17. Photo of Bernard Lee

    Bernard Lee Cast

  18. Photo of Sydney Bromley

    Sydney Bromley Cast

  19. Photo of Andrea Lawrence

    Andrea Lawrence Cast

  20. Photo of Jerold Wells

    Jerold Wells Cast

  21. Photo of Sheila D'Union

    Sheila D'Union Cast

  22. Photo of Norman Atkyns

    Norman Atkyns Cast

  23. Photo of Mischa De La Motte

    Mischa De La Motte Cast

  24. Photo of Victor Woolf

    Victor Woolf Cast

  25. Photo of Winifred Sabine

    Winifred Sabine Cast

  26. Photo of Janet Hargreaves

    Janet Hargreaves Cast

  27. Photo of Peter Madden

    Peter Madden Cast

  28. Photo of Brian Probyn

    Brian Probyn Cinematography

  29. Photo of James Bernard

    James Bernard Music

  30. Photo of Roy Skeggs

    Roy Skeggs Producer

  31. Photo of James Needs

    James Needs Editing