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  1. Photo of Jack Smight

    Jack Smight Director

  2. Photo of Christopher Isherwood

    Christopher Isherwood Screenplay

  3. Photo of Mary Shelley

    Mary Shelley Screenplay

  4. Photo of James Mason

    James Mason Cast

  5. Photo of Leonard Whiting

    Leonard Whiting Cast

  6. Photo of David McCallum

    David McCallum Cast

  7. Photo of Jane Seymour

    Jane Seymour Cast

  8. Photo of Nicola Pagett

    Nicola Pagett Cast

  9. Photo of Michael Sarrazin

    Michael Sarrazin Cast

  10. Photo of Michael Wilding

    Michael Wilding Cast

  11. Photo of Clarissa Kaye-Mason

    Clarissa Kaye-Mason Cast

  12. Photo of Agnes Moorehead

    Agnes Moorehead Cast

  13. Photo of Margaret Leighton

    Margaret Leighton Cast

  14. Photo of Ralph Richardson

    Ralph Richardson Cast

  15. Photo of John Gielgud

    John Gielgud Cast

  16. Photo of Tom Baker

    Tom Baker Cast

  17. Photo of Julian Barnes

    Julian Barnes Cast

  18. Photo of Arnold Diamond

    Arnold Diamond Cast

  19. Photo of Yootha Joyce

    Yootha Joyce Cast

  20. Photo of Peter Sallis

    Peter Sallis Cast

  21. Photo of Arthur Ibbetson

    Arthur Ibbetson Cinematography

  22. Photo of Gil Melle

    Gil Melle Music

  23. Photo of Wilfred Shingleton

    Wilfred Shingleton Production Design

  24. Photo of Ian Lewis

    Ian Lewis Producer

  25. Photo of Richard Marden

    Richard Marden Editing