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  1. Photo of François Ozon

    François Ozon Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Philippe Piazzo

    Philippe Piazzo Screenplay

  3. Photo of Reginald Berkeley

    Reginald Berkeley Screenplay

  4. Photo of Samson Raphaelson

    Samson Raphaelson Screenplay

  5. Photo of Ernest Vajda

    Ernest Vajda Screenplay

  6. Photo of Ernst Lubitsch

    Ernst Lubitsch Story

  7. Photo of Maurice Rostand

    Maurice Rostand Play

  8. Photo of Pierre Niney

    Pierre Niney Cast

  9. Photo of Paula Beer

    Paula Beer Cast

  10. Photo of Ernst Stötzner

    Ernst Stötzner Cast

  11. Photo of Marie Gruber

    Marie Gruber Cast

  12. Photo of Johann von Bülow

    Johann von Bülow Cast

  13. Photo of Anton von Lucke

    Anton von Lucke Cast

  14. Photo of Cyrielle Clair

    Cyrielle Clair Cast

  15. Photo of Alice de Lencquesaing

    Alice de Lencquesaing Cast

  16. Photo of Eliott Margueron

    Eliott Margueron Cast

  17. Photo of Axel Wandtke

    Axel Wandtke Cast

  18. Photo of Rainer Egger

    Rainer Egger Cast

  19. Photo of Merlin Rose

    Merlin Rose Cast

  20. Photo of Ralf Dittrich

    Ralf Dittrich Cast

  21. Photo of Pascal Marti

    Pascal Marti Cinematography

  22. Photo of Philippe Rombi

    Philippe Rombi Music

  23. Photo of Michel Barthélémy

    Michel Barthélémy Production Design

  24. Photo of Eric Altmayer

    Eric Altmayer Producer

  25. Photo of Nicolas Altmayer

    Nicolas Altmayer Producer

  26. Photo of Stefan Arndt

    Stefan Arndt Producer

  27. Photo of Uwe Schott

    Uwe Schott Producer

  28. Photo of Laure Gardette

    Laure Gardette Editing

  29. Photo of Martin Boissau

    Martin Boissau Sound

  30. Photo of Pascaline Chavanne

    Pascaline Chavanne Costume Design

  31. Photo of Susanne Abel

    Susanne Abel Art Department

  32. Photo of Dominique Moisan

    Dominique Moisan Art Department

  33. Photo of Maresa Burmester

    Maresa Burmester Art Department

  34. Photo of Catherine Jarrier-Prieur

    Catherine Jarrier-Prieur Art Department