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  1. Photo of Paul Andréota

    Paul Andréota Screenplay

  2. Photo of Jacques Brel

    Jacques Brel Cast, Music, Screenplay Director

  3. Photo of Barbara

    Barbara Cast

  4. Photo of Danièle Evenou

    Danièle Evenou Cast

  5. Photo of Fernand Fabre

    Fernand Fabre Cast

  6. Photo of Louis Navarre

    Louis Navarre Cast

  7. Photo of Michel Ardan

    Michel Ardan Producer

  8. Photo of François Rauber

    François Rauber Music

  9. Photo of Christian Garnier

    Christian Garnier Cinematography

  10. Photo of Alain Levent

    Alain Levent Cinematography

  11. Photo of Armand Marco

    Armand Marco Cinematography

  12. Photo of Marie-Thérèse Pernet

    Marie-Thérèse Pernet Editing

  13. Photo of Jacqueline Thiédot

    Jacqueline Thiédot Editing

  14. Photo of Denise Vindevogel

    Denise Vindevogel Editing

  15. Photo of Jean Marlier

    Jean Marlier Production Design

  16. Photo of Maurice Dagonneau

    Maurice Dagonneau Sound

  17. Photo of René Longuet

    René Longuet Sound