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  1. Filipe F. Coutinho's rating of the film Freakonomics

    It was inevitable to expect any thing but a lack of consistency in a documentary made by so many different names with significantly different styles. And as such, some segments are good, some are not so much. Freakonomics is an enjoyable ride and that's about it.

  2. Leco's rating of the film Freakonomics

    It's just an OK documentary. I'd say very much like some random episode you get your eyes on after some zapping and then you end up watching out of curiosity. The first installment is by far the least enjoyable. I hated the the tone used on it, an impression rarely lowered throughout. Right after, we have in my opinion the best of this whole doc: the direction and writing for "Pure Corruption" is really good.

  3. Alexander Dunkelberger's rating of the film Freakonomics

    While somewhat interesting, certain segments are definitely better than others, and the whole thing is never able to gel very well. All of it seems mismatched and really sort of just randomly thrown together. Unengaging, disposable, forgettable documentary.

  4. Christian Reguitti's rating of the film Freakonomics

    The information that they try to make sound astounding in reality just comes off as really really basic and by the end of the movie i felt as though I would have had more benefit just by reading a couple articles off any news site. The graphics were nice at least

  5. ~ Lisa ~'s rating of the film Freakonomics

    I couldn't get past the dumb bit about the names.

  6. codyhunter's rating of the film Freakonomics

  7. Maria Pulford's rating of the film Freakonomics

    Michael Moore's documentaries are interesting, this isn't

  8. Muromi's rating of the film Freakonomics

    Enjoyable. I read the book years ago, and read the Freakonomics blog often, so view this film as sort of a supplementary/bonus. The pacing and editing and "storylines" were creative. I can see why some may find the Topics of sumo wrestling and the crime rate abortion link in the first half of the film as more exciting, but overall, the film represents the ideas of Freakonomics well.

  9. matthwq's rating of the film Freakonomics

  10. Kirby's rating of the film Freakonomics

    Not as engaging as some other documentaries, but still very interesting.

  11. MR. Universe's rating of the film Freakonomics

    Starts off great and full of energy then it seems to suddenly lose it's steam all the documentarians are exciting and talented but maybe there styles just don't mix as well as expected as some are fast paced and funny while being informative, While other go for the slow burn and feel drawn out or maybe it's just there subjects weren't s interesting.

  12. micmac●'s rating of the film Freakonomics

    I'm not exactly sure what this film was meant to do. I'm sure the book might be interesting, but as a documentary this was kinda weak. Any film which spends half an hour poking fun at the superficial differences between 'black' and 'white' names probably should've undergone a tighter edit.

  13. Christopher's rating of the film Freakonomics

    A documentary for people with an elementary school education. Almost every single point they try to make is so painfully obvious to any thinking human being that it is almost insulting.

  14. FailedImitator's rating of the film Freakonomics

    Not bad, but falls apart towards the end.

  15. Zac Zellers's rating of the film Freakonomics

    A completely disjointed and wayward 'documentary' that plays like an episode of Bill Nye The Science Guy but isn't nearly as fun, insightful, or coherant.

  16. MATTEO BITTANTI's rating of the film Freakonomics

    I like the "idea" of the movie better than the movie itself. This is an infographic-like cinema: eye candy, little substance, very distracting, like an issue of WIRED magazine.