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Ratings & Reviews

  1. This is Jake Kath's rating of the film Freakstars 3000

    Where as Terror 2000 was an assault on taste, this is an assault on exploitation. Who is really being exploited here? The handicap people or the filmmakers or the audience? The movie wisely doesn't give a straight answer to that question and frightening presents itself as an authentic reality show. I laughed at the audacity and was compelled at the ambiguity in the execution. Am I suppose to laugh, does it matter?

  2. anferlo's rating of the film Freakstars 3000

    These people made me cry, laugh and enjoy! That is what tv is supposed to, but I think we don't see the illusion, the challenge, the happines and the effort we can see in this movie's actors. Great! But If you think you could go upset, don't watch it. I suppose and asume the director never wants us to laugh at them but with the situation they, spontaneously, create.