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Ratings & Reviews

  1. FISCHER's rating of the film Free and Easy

    Les avatars du pauvre Elmer Butts, amoureux de la délicieuse Elvira Plunkett, qu'il vient d'accompagner à Hollywood, où cette dernière espère faire une brillante carrière d'actrice. Plutôt sympathique !

  2. Drew.'s rating of the film Free and Easy

    Most of the movie is borderline unwatchable, but those last five minutes. Oh my. With the context of Keaton's life and career that ending is depressing and powerful on so many levels.

  3. SALESK's rating of the film Free and Easy

    One of the most miserable film-viewing experiences of my life. Poor Buster.

  4. Hunter Duesing's rating of the film Free and Easy

    Buster Keaton was finished as an artist by this point. Once he entered the sound game his talents were reduced to weak wordplay gags and toothless stunts, as MGM wanted to protect their movie star investment by not letting him do anything dangerous, killing his greatest asset as a performer. Here he looks bored, like he's cashing a paycheck and hates himself for it. It's no wonder he turned to the bottle for comfort.