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  1. babycakesromero's rating of the film Free Fire

    in hollywood filsm you either get sharp shooters who never miss a single target or they never get hit. and they either get away scott free in a hail of bullets without a scratch or they're instantly dead. none of these impossible and ridiculous things happen in freefire. none of them can shoot and everyone gets hit and they just keep on going. much more ridiculous and very very funny as a result

  2. film_lies101's rating of the film Free Fire

    Absolutely hysterical, much funnier than the trailer would suggest. Definitely a step up from the disappointment that was 'High-Rise'. Bring on the 'Ideal' film

  3. Maratka Alarma's rating of the film Free Fire

    настолько же уморительная, насколько и бессмысленная перестрелка длиной в полтора часа

  4.'s rating of the film Free Fire

    very entertaining. even the editing is not really great. but i love the character (even there's nothing to know about every character) i love the twist, even the motive is so thin. fun

  5. Michael Blouin's rating of the film Free Fire

    Des personnages juste assez stéréotypés et excentriques pour qu'on s'y attache malgré leur manque de développement et de profondeur narrative. Des personnages qui rampent sans arrêt, des balles perdues qui finissent leur course dans un bras ou dans une jambe: le tout arrive si souvent que ça en devient un running gag. Un exercise de style divertissant, résolument cool qui aurait mérité une géographie plus précise.

  6. Teresa Silva's rating of the film Free Fire

    Pacing is very weird, but it's funny.

  7. DenoResandono's rating of the film Free Fire

    FREE FIRE has an interesting premise. I loved the way director Ben Wheatley use the minimalist setting to make a thrilling movie. The humor maybe doesn't work for me a little bit. But yeah, I still have a few laughs while watching FREE FIRE. The storyline maybe offered nothing new. But FREE FIRE still keeps me intrigued. Thanks to its spectacular performances by its excellent cast. I'm gonna watch this movie again...

  8. HSBilly's rating of the film Free Fire

  9. Catarina Silva's rating of the film Free Fire

  10. Mario Tomchev's rating of the film Free Fire

    I think I could never dislike a thing Wheatley or A24 do, but I sure miss the lo/wow-fi tones of A Field in England.

  11. Ozu_Teapot's rating of the film Free Fire

  12. Moses Lumpkin's rating of the film Free Fire

  13. pluviosity's rating of the film Free Fire

    you can't see which bullet shoots who, the line was blur between friend and enemy, just like how Ord's suaveness keep taking my breath out, but I can't help rooting for Chris. But the story didn't got any further than that, it's just entertainment.

  14. Nathan Silva's rating of the film Free Fire

    The first half hour I was totally on board: great dialogues, cool style, nice build up. Then the shooting starts and it was pretty much downhill from there. God awful editing with an over abundance of cuts made the whole thing too confusing for me to care.

  15. Django's rating of the film Free Fire

    A noble experiment in minimalist plotting that doesn't quite work.

  16. MarcusArcus's rating of the film Free Fire

  17. Diderot's rating of the film Free Fire

    This is almost a very good movie with a delightful cast, but much of it is just boring.

  18. Tiago Gonçalves's rating of the film Free Fire

  19. Nancarrow's rating of the film Free Fire

    perfect distillation of the medium. no bullshit, binders, or sweeteners. pure cinema

  20. Zach Closs's rating of the film Free Fire

    When I first started making little movies of my own, all I wanted to do was stage ridiculous, silly shootouts. The joyous, boyish, oh-well-fuck-it-then energy of "Free Fire" had me thinking fondly of my teens, equipped with a camcorder, After Effects, air-compressed squibs and plenty of air-soft guns. The characters are huge, the dialogue is snappy, and at a taut, fat-free 91 minutes, it makes the most of its set-up.

  21. Samuel Andrade's rating of the film Free Fire

  22. J. O.'s rating of the film Free Fire

    A sort-of original mash-up of wholly unoriginal elements. Points for the all-star cast, the offbeat tone, and the John Denver. Points removed for somehow creating a confusing geography in a single room, and the predictability of everything. Plays out like Quentin Tarantino directed the sniper standoff in Enemy At The Gates. Ben Wheatley is always interesting, but could've done better.

  23. jessetaylor's rating of the film Free Fire

    This movie is riddled with bullets, but everyone had maybe 4% accuracy. Just goes to show that humans are too stupid to have guns, but when they do in a Ben Wheatley film it's a high-wire act from start to finish. Such great genre entertainment.

  24. muh.'s rating of the film Free Fire

    Wheatly, one of those filmmakers whose ideas I usually like but who often seem to underwhelm. A shootout movie set in a single location should have a better command of camera to avoid the "wait! who's that? what happened?!" moments. But the thing I feel the most sorry for is the lack of the comedic bite, the black variety of course. It seems to teeter on wanting to be as absurd and black but fails to succeed.

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