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  1. Photo of Umberto Lenzi

    Umberto Lenzi Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Claudio Mancini

    Claudio Mancini Producer

  3. Photo of Ugo Tucci

    Ugo Tucci Producer

  4. Photo of Dardano Sacchetti

    Dardano Sacchetti Screenplay

  5. Photo of Sebastiano Celeste

    Sebastiano Celeste Cinematography

  6. Photo of Luigi Kuveiller

    Luigi Kuveiller Cinematography

  7. Photo of Claudio Cassinelli

    Claudio Cassinelli Cast

  8. Photo of Tomas Milian

    Tomas Milian Cast

  9. Photo of Nicoletta Machiavelli

    Nicoletta Machiavelli Cast

  10. Photo of Arturo Dominici

    Arturo Dominici Cast

  11. Photo of Rosario Borelli

    Rosario Borelli Cast

  12. Photo of Henry Silva

    Henry Silva Cast

  13. Photo of Biagio Pelligra

    Biagio Pelligra Cast

  14. Photo of Luciano Rossi

    Luciano Rossi Cast

  15. Photo of Umberto Raho

    Umberto Raho Cast

  16. Photo of Tano Cimarosa

    Tano Cimarosa Cast

  17. Photo of Massimo Bonetti

    Massimo Bonetti Cast

  18. Photo of Fulvio Mingozzi

    Fulvio Mingozzi Cast

  19. Photo of Salvatore Billa

    Salvatore Billa Cast

  20. Photo of Rita Forzano

    Rita Forzano Cast

  21. Photo of Eugenio Alabiso

    Eugenio Alabiso Editing

  22. Photo of Giorgio Bertolini

    Giorgio Bertolini Production Design

  23. Photo of Bruno Canfora

    Bruno Canfora Music

  24. Photo of Silvio Laurenzi

    Silvio Laurenzi Costume Design