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  1. Il secondo maestro del revolver's rating of the film Free Zone

  2. Ekaterina Chernyaeva's rating of the film Free Zone

    Three women in the heart of the one of the most difficult and unreserved political disputes. They find a common language by using 3 different languages, they help each other, they argue but not about politics, they try to solve what matters to them. The conflict around them (political) gives a better understanding of their characters, while their characters give a better understanding of the conflict.

  3. panagiotatos's rating of the film Free Zone

    Weak plot, shot on location movie, uneventful right from the beginning to the simplistic end. Mediocre performances.

  4. Görkem Demir's rating of the film Free Zone

  5. Peđa's rating of the film Free Zone

  6. nilbaran's rating of the film Free Zone

    Portmann's crying is so unnecessary, for minutes..Great locations and compare to that unfortunately a weak scenario... Most interesting point: It's about three women.

  7. Cid Medeiros's rating of the film Free Zone

    A car trip through the borders from Jerusalem to Jordanian small villages. Both cultural differences and similarities between jews and arabs shape the character's personal histories as well as the political allusions in regard of the history among them.

  8. Rman's rating of the film Free Zone

    A staggering opening scene is unforgettable and also Brilliant performances of three main actresses but the film doesn`t go beyond it.

  9. Murat G.'s rating of the film Free Zone

    This movie has a great opening scene; One interpretation is that the song ''Chad Gadya'' is about the different nations that have conquered the Land of Israel: The kid symbolizes the Jewish people, the cat, Assyria; the dog, Babylon; the stick, Persia; the fire, Macedonia; the water, Rome; the ox, the Saracens; the slaughterer, the Crusaders; the angel of death, the Turks.

  10. Rio Johan's rating of the film Free Zone

    This Israeli film is so driven by the performance of its three main actress (salute to those three), but that's just it. The story is about three different woman caught in a somewhat road trip (road movie): an Israeli, a Palestinian, and an American caught in between. Sadly, there's nothing more about this one beside its astonishing performance.

  11. Fabio Ornelas's rating of the film Free Zone

    Between Israeli and Palestinian, never trust Americans.

  12. Edwin N's rating of the film Free Zone

    Somewhat I have a passion for Gitai films, for the way he tackles the Israeli-Palestinian conflitcs on an existencial point of view rather than on a political one, even though he achieves great interpretations and provides food for thought on that subject as well. 'Free Zone' though, is somewhat bland and completely forgettable.

  13. batuhan's rating of the film Free Zone

    Starting scene of the film is just brilliant.

  14. Amy's rating of the film Free Zone

    soooo. why is this 2010? Wasn't this out in 2005 or 2006?