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  1. Photo of Anthony Asquith

    Anthony Asquith Director

  2. Photo of Wolfgang Wilhelm

    Wolfgang Wilhelm Screenplay

  3. Photo of Louis Golding

    Louis Golding Screenplay

  4. Photo of Gordon Wellesley

    Gordon Wellesley Screenplay

  5. Photo of Roland Pertwee

    Roland Pertwee Screenplay

  6. Photo of Bridget Boland

    Bridget Boland Screenplay

  7. Photo of Jeffrey Dell

    Jeffrey Dell Screenplay

  8. Photo of Basil Woon

    Basil Woon Screenplay

  9. Photo of Anatole de Grunwald

    Anatole de Grunwald Screenplay

  10. Photo of Rob Roy

    Rob Roy Screenplay

  11. Photo of Clive Brook

    Clive Brook Cast

  12. Photo of Diana Wynyard

    Diana Wynyard Cast

  13. Photo of Raymond Huntley

    Raymond Huntley Cast

  14. Photo of Derek Farr

    Derek Farr Cast

  15. Photo of Joyce Howard

    Joyce Howard Cast

  16. Photo of Howard Marion-Crawford

    Howard Marion-Crawford Cast

  17. Photo of John Penrose

    John Penrose Cast

  18. Photo of Morland Graham

    Morland Graham Cast

  19. Photo of Ronald Squire

    Ronald Squire Cast

  20. Photo of Reginald Beckwith

    Reginald Beckwith Cast

  21. Photo of Clifford Evans

    Clifford Evans Cast

  22. Photo of Bernard Miles

    Bernard Miles Cast

  23. Photo of Gibb McLaughlin

    Gibb McLaughlin Cast

  24. Photo of Muriel George

    Muriel George Cast

  25. Photo of Martita Hunt

    Martita Hunt Cast

  26. Photo of Hay Petrie

    Hay Petrie Cast

  27. Photo of Manning Whiley

    Manning Whiley Cast

  28. Photo of Katie Johnson

    Katie Johnson Cast

  29. Photo of George Hayes

    George Hayes Cast

  30. Photo of Everley Gregg

    Everley Gregg Cast

  31. Photo of Marie Ault

    Marie Ault Cast

  32. Photo of Abraham Sofaer

    Abraham Sofaer Cast

  33. Photo of Joan Hickson

    Joan Hickson Cast

  34. Photo of Pat McGrath

    Pat McGrath Cast

  35. Photo of Bernard Knowles

    Bernard Knowles Cinematography

  36. Photo of Nicholas Brodszky

    Nicholas Brodszky Music

  37. Photo of Marr Mackie

    Marr Mackie Music

  38. Photo of Mario Zampi

    Mario Zampi Producer

  39. Photo of Reginald Beck

    Reginald Beck Editing