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  1. Photo of Eberhard Kronhausen

    Eberhard Kronhausen Screenplay and Director

  2. Photo of Phyllis Kronhausen

    Phyllis Kronhausen Screenplay and Director

  3. Photo of Marie Antoinette

    Marie Antoinette Cast

  4. Photo of H.H. Brydensholt

    H.H. Brydensholt Cast

  5. Photo of Kenneth Carr

    Kenneth Carr Cast

  6. Photo of Betty Dodson

    Betty Dodson Cast

  7. Photo of Gaby Esche

    Gaby Esche Cast

  8. Photo of Annemarie Graf

    Annemarie Graf Cast

  9. Photo of Alan Gutmacher

    Alan Gutmacher Cast

  10. Photo of Daniel D. Halleck

    Daniel D. Halleck Cast

  11. Photo of Hugh M. Hefner

    Hugh M. Hefner Cast

  12. Photo of Inge Hegeler

    Inge Hegeler Cast

  13. Photo of Sten Hegeler

    Sten Hegeler Cast

  14. Photo of Monique Kraamwinkel

    Monique Kraamwinkel Cast

  15. Photo of Sacha Kraamwinkel

    Sacha Kraamwinkel Cast

  16. Photo of Margit Mecklenburg

    Margit Mecklenburg Cast

  17. Photo of Harriet Pilpel

    Harriet Pilpel Cast

  18. Photo of Wardell Pomeroy

    Wardell Pomeroy Cast

  19. Photo of Paula Shaw

    Paula Shaw Cast

  20. Photo of Mr. Trevelyan

    Mr. Trevelyan Cast

  21. Photo of Kenneth Tynan

    Kenneth Tynan Cast

  22. Photo of Heidrun Bergthold

    Heidrun Bergthold Cinematography

  23. Photo of Paul Grupp

    Paul Grupp Cinematography

  24. Photo of Reginald Puhl

    Reginald Puhl Producer