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  1. Photo of Patrícia Bateira

    Patrícia Bateira Director, Screenplay, Sound Editing

  2. Photo of Luís Filipe Costa

    Luís Filipe Costa Cast

  3. Photo of Pedro Carmo

    Pedro Carmo Cast

  4. Photo of Anton Skrzypiciel

    Anton Skrzypiciel Cast

  5. Photo of João Paulo Oliveira

    João Paulo Oliveira Cinematography

  6. Photo of Gonçalo Robalo

    Gonçalo Robalo Sound

  7. Photo of Hugo Leitão

    Hugo Leitão Sound

  8. Photo of Natürlich

    Natürlich Sound and Music

  9. Photo of Ana Eliseu

    Ana Eliseu Cast

  10. Photo of Maria Goulão

    Maria Goulão Cast

  11. Photo of Jorge Veríssimo

    Jorge Veríssimo Cast

  12. Photo of Graça Batista

    Graça Batista Cast

  13. Photo of Zaira Caldeira

    Zaira Caldeira Cast

  14. Photo of Patricia Faria

    Patricia Faria Cast

  15. Photo of Goreti Paixão

    Goreti Paixão Cast

  16. Photo of Rui Xavier

    Rui Xavier Cast

  17. Photo of Connie Walther

    Connie Walther Cast

  18. Photo of Birgit Gudjonsdottir

    Birgit Gudjonsdottir Cast

  19. Photo of Jürgen Schönhoff

    Jürgen Schönhoff Cast