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  1. Photo of Peter Berg

    Peter Berg Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Josh Pate

    Josh Pate Director

  3. Photo of James Whitaker

    James Whitaker Executive Producer

  4. Photo of John Cameron

    John Cameron Executive Producer

  5. Photo of David Aaron Cohen

    David Aaron Cohen Screenplay

  6. Photo of Tobias A. Schliessler

    Tobias A. Schliessler Cinematography

  7. Photo of Billy Bob Thornton

    Billy Bob Thornton Cast

  8. Photo of Lucas Black

    Lucas Black Cast

  9. Photo of Garrett Hedlund

    Garrett Hedlund Cast

  10. Photo of Derek Luke

    Derek Luke Cast

  11. Photo of Jay Hernandez

    Jay Hernandez Cast

  12. Photo of Lee Jackson

    Lee Jackson Cast

  13. Photo of Lee Thompson Young

    Lee Thompson Young Cast

  14. Photo of Tim McGraw

    Tim McGraw Cast

  15. Photo of Grover Coulson

    Grover Coulson Cast

  16. Photo of Connie Britton

    Connie Britton Cast

  17. Photo of Sharon Seymour

    Sharon Seymour Production Design

  18. Photo of Brian Reitzell

    Brian Reitzell Music

  19. Photo of Explosions in the Sky

    Explosions in the Sky Music

  20. Photo of David Torn

    David Torn Music

  21. Photo of Brian Grazer

    Brian Grazer Producer

  22. Photo of Buzz Bissinger

    Buzz Bissinger Screenplay

  23. Photo of Colby Parker Jr.

    Colby Parker Jr. Editing

  24. Photo of David Rosenbloom

    David Rosenbloom Editing

  25. Photo of Amber Heard

    Amber Heard Cast

  26. Photo of Ryanne Duzich

    Ryanne Duzich Cast

  27. Photo of Tiki Davis

    Tiki Davis Cast

  28. Photo of Turk Pipkin

    Turk Pipkin Cast