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  1. Photo of Curt Goetz

    Curt Goetz Director, Screenplay Producer

  2. Photo of Theodor Loos

    Theodor Loos Cast

  3. Photo of Hermann Vallentin

    Hermann Vallentin Cast

  4. Photo of Isabel Heermann

    Isabel Heermann Cast

  5. Photo of Max Pategg

    Max Pategg Cast

  6. Photo of Ilka Grüning

    Ilka Grüning Cast

  7. Photo of Robert Leffler

    Robert Leffler Cast

  8. Photo of Egmont Richter

    Egmont Richter Cast

  9. Photo of Berta Monnard

    Berta Monnard Cast

  10. Photo of Heilo Böhlen

    Heilo Böhlen Cast

  11. Photo of Rudolf Klein-Rhoden

    Rudolf Klein-Rhoden Cast

  12. Photo of Hans Carl Mueller

    Hans Carl Mueller Cast

  13. Photo of Erich Walter

    Erich Walter Cast

  14. Photo of Martin Gien

    Martin Gien Cast

  15. Photo of Walter Kassing

    Walter Kassing Cast

  16. Photo of Kitty Aschenbach

    Kitty Aschenbach Cast

  17. Photo of Paul Bildt

    Paul Bildt Cast

  18. Photo of Carl Jönsson

    Carl Jönsson Cast

  19. Photo of Max Kaufmann

    Max Kaufmann Cast and Screenplay

  20. Photo of Philipp Manning

    Philipp Manning Cast

  21. Photo of Ernst Legal

    Ernst Legal Cast

  22. Photo of Gottfried Kraus

    Gottfried Kraus Cast

  23. Photo of Wilhelm Diegelmann

    Wilhelm Diegelmann Cast

  24. Photo of Herbert Stock

    Herbert Stock Cast

  25. Photo of Hans Scholz

    Hans Scholz Cinematography

  26. Photo of Otto Tober

    Otto Tober Cinematography

  27. Photo of Julian Ballenstedt

    Julian Ballenstedt Production Design