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  1. Bob's rating of the film Fritz the Cat

    A pulp classic that presents the feel of New York underground scene from the 60s better than many feature films, and it does that through blurry animation and fitting selection of musical numbers from jazz and blues to soul and r'n'b. It doesn't stop there but it goes further with trippy mixture of hallucinogenic supplies and social satire that makes fun of caricatures and stereotypes in a most sensibly pleasing way.

  2. MistaRichard's rating of the film Fritz the Cat

    Pretty much crude and vulgar. Makes for an interesting watch as an artifact from the 60s and 70s and as a critique to counter-culture and the pseudo-intellectuals of those days, but it doesn't hold up so well today. Most dialogues are pretty amusing, but also noticeably clunky. Despite this, a cool viewing to admire Bakshi's singular style.

  3. Julian's rating of the film Fritz the Cat

  4. JasonAv's rating of the film Fritz the Cat

  5. Daniel Roque's rating of the film Fritz the Cat

    Fritz the Cat as a striking feature starter of the adult animation genre that fills today's television works right on G-spot, as it provides violence, sex, crime, rape, drugs and everything you'll never dare to find in a Disney film. But as movie by itself, is doesn't go further than a low budget kitsch excuse to get high.

  6. dave gunn's rating of the film Fritz the Cat

    This was quite the experience. Crude but hilarious animation, sociopolitical commentary, parody of counter-culture while being counter-cultural in its own right, classically absurd cartoonishness with sex and drug use and foul language. This was hilarious and fun and I cannot believe it was ever distributed.

  7. CarlosEsquives's rating of the film Fritz the Cat

    Una película animada sobre seudointelectuales y los contracultura. Los primeros criticados y el segundo creador de esta aburrida historia. Tiras cómicas absurdas pegadas a la mala, una tras otra.

  8. Michael Harbour's rating of the film Fritz the Cat

    Pokes at the exploitative, self-indulgent side of hippie culture and at social hypocrisy generally, while still wallowing in misogyny and racism of its own. Seeing this on film now that digital projection has taken over theaters, I was in awe of the rich, varied colors and sharp lines in what was, admittedly, on-the-cheap animation. It's a shame hand drawn animation doesn't have a chance at high quality presentatio

  9. Joshua's rating of the film Fritz the Cat

    The over sexual nature of the film is not really my cup of tea, but this satire for the 1960s know-it-all college "revolution" world captures something that is often overlooked. I like the 60s, but sometimes we have to look at the bad that came with previous eras. And for me, a lot of this still rings true today, even if some in-jokes do not. That character death by the car though...

  10. El Biffo's rating of the film Fritz the Cat

    Um...I thought this film was really cool when I was 11 years old. Now the dialogue seems like corny hippie crap, but at the time it was "A really groovy scene, man!"

  11. steamRobot's rating of the film Fritz the Cat

    Did Bakshi ever make a decent movie? At least it was better than Cool World.

  12. Jessica McFarland's rating of the film Fritz the Cat

    I actually kind of enjoyed this... perhaps for the opposite of it's intention. If this film was supposed to glamorize the hippie lifestyle, it fails, instead highlighting the extreme naivete and danger of the college-age complex if left to it's own designs.

  13. Matthew Martens's rating of the film Fritz the Cat

    Interesting as an artifact of the counterculture at its dingiest, dopiest, and most lumpen, Fritz the Cat's novelty-appeal at the time can't really compensate for how ugly and misogynistic it scans now. Worth watching once as an historical curiosity, it's good for a few stoner chuckles and a sort of contact-squalor that probably pleased many a reader of Screw magazine back in 1972.

  14. The Machine Head's rating of the film Fritz the Cat

    "What a mob in the park today."

  15. This is Jake Kath's rating of the film Fritz the Cat

    Being such a Crumb fan, I'm really suppose to hate this but I don't. Its actually a pretty okay movie with some wonderfully surreal/psychedelic moments full of animation inventiveness. I can just hear Crumb's cosmic sigh of despair while watching this.

  16. David's rating of the film Fritz the Cat

    It was an interesting movie. Not the best expierence of my life, but it wasn't that bad.

  17. Pierre Andre's rating of the film Fritz the Cat

  18. Christopher R. Smith's rating of the film Fritz the Cat

    For all of its sophomoric raunchiness and cartoon goofiness, a surprisingly sharp and clever satire of 60s counter-culture. The crude but lively animation and spotty production values only add to its scuzzy charm. A cult classic that lives up to its reputation.

  19. Matt's rating of the film Fritz the Cat

    One of the best movies I have ever seen.

  20. VENIMOS LOS JODIMOS Y NOS FUIMOS's rating of the film Fritz the Cat

    De interes relativo. Vale la pena por tratarse, supuestamente, del primer largometraje de dibujos animados porno producido en E.U. (aunque, francamente, es preferible leer las viñetas de Robert Crumb.)

  21. Jarrod Goolsby's rating of the film Fritz the Cat


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