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  1. Photo of Rezo Esadze

    Rezo Esadze Director

  2. Photo of Feliks Mironer

    Feliks Mironer Screenplay

  3. Photo of Andrei Platonov

    Andrei Platonov Story

  4. Photo of Aleksandra Zavyalova

    Aleksandra Zavyalova Cast

  5. Photo of Nikolay Trofimov

    Nikolay Trofimov Cast

  6. Photo of Gennadiy Yukhtin

    Gennadiy Yukhtin Cast

  7. Photo of Alisa Freyndlikh

    Alisa Freyndlikh Cast

  8. Photo of Vsevolod Kuznetsov

    Vsevolod Kuznetsov Cast

  9. Photo of Nikolai Korn

    Nikolai Korn Cast

  10. Photo of Oleg Khromenkov

    Oleg Khromenkov Cast

  11. Photo of Konstantin Sobol

    Konstantin Sobol Cinematography

  12. Photo of Valeri Fedosov

    Valeri Fedosov Cinematography

  13. Photo of Isaak Shvarts

    Isaak Shvarts Music

  14. Photo of Vasili Zachinyayev

    Vasili Zachinyayev Production Design