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  1. Photo of Krzysztof Zanussi

    Krzysztof Zanussi Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Diego Fabbri

    Diego Fabbri Screenplay

  3. Photo of Andrzej Kijowski

    Andrzej Kijowski Screenplay

  4. Photo of Jan Józef Szczepanski

    Jan Józef Szczepanski Screenplay

  5. Photo of Sam Neill

    Sam Neill Cast

  6. Photo of Christopher Cazenove

    Christopher Cazenove Cast

  7. Photo of Lisa Harrow

    Lisa Harrow Cast

  8. Photo of John Welsh

    John Welsh Cast

  9. Photo of Maurice Denham

    Maurice Denham Cast

  10. Photo of Cezary Morawski

    Cezary Morawski Cast

  11. Photo of Daniel Olbrychski

    Daniel Olbrychski Cast

  12. Photo of Maja Komorowska

    Maja Komorowska Cast

  13. Photo of Izabella Olszewska

    Izabella Olszewska Cast

  14. Photo of Andrzej Lapicki

    Andrzej Lapicki Cast

  15. Photo of Zbigniew Zapasiewicz

    Zbigniew Zapasiewicz Cast

  16. Photo of Piotr Fronczewski

    Piotr Fronczewski Cast

  17. Photo of Maciej Robakiewicz

    Maciej Robakiewicz Cast

  18. Photo of Tadeusz Bradecki

    Tadeusz Bradecki Cast

  19. Photo of Marek Kondrat

    Marek Kondrat Cast

  20. Photo of Jerzy Stuhr

    Jerzy Stuhr Cast

  21. Photo of Jerzy Zelnik

    Jerzy Zelnik Cast

  22. Photo of Jerzy Nowak

    Jerzy Nowak Cast

  23. Photo of Liliana Komorowska

    Liliana Komorowska Cast

  24. Photo of Malgorzata Zajaczkowska

    Malgorzata Zajaczkowska Cast

  25. Photo of Anna Milewska

    Anna Milewska Cast

  26. Photo of Janusz Gajos

    Janusz Gajos Cast

  27. Photo of Andrzej Hudziak

    Andrzej Hudziak Cast

  28. Photo of Warren Clarke

    Warren Clarke Cast

  29. Photo of Jonathan Blake

    Jonathan Blake Cast

  30. Photo of Kathleen Byron

    Kathleen Byron Cast

  31. Photo of John Franklyn-Robbins

    John Franklyn-Robbins Cast

  32. Photo of Carol Gillies

    Carol Gillies Cast

  33. Photo of Philip Latham

    Philip Latham Cast

  34. Photo of Emma Relph

    Emma Relph Cast

  35. Photo of Susan Dutton

    Susan Dutton Cast

  36. Photo of Rupert Frazer

    Rupert Frazer Cast

  37. Photo of Michael Jayston

    Michael Jayston Cast

  38. Photo of Slawomir Idziak

    Slawomir Idziak Cinematography

  39. Photo of Wojciech Kilar

    Wojciech Kilar Music

  40. Photo of Janusz Sosnowski

    Janusz Sosnowski Production Design

  41. Photo of Vincenzo Labella

    Vincenzo Labella Producer and Screenplay

  42. Photo of Giacomo Pezzali

    Giacomo Pezzali Producer

  43. Photo of Paolo Fabbri

    Paolo Fabbri Editing

  44. Photo of Antony Gibbs

    Antony Gibbs Editing

  45. Photo of Waldemar Król

    Waldemar Król Editing

  46. Photo of Nigel Galt

    Nigel Galt Sound

  47. Photo of Anna B. Sheppard

    Anna B. Sheppard Costume Design