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  1. Alexander Dunkelberger's rating of the film From Greece

    See the “Mulheim (Ruhr)” review.

  2. Juan Javier's rating of the film From Greece

  3. the_mentaculus's rating of the film From Greece

    The finer subtleties of the first half of the film are jettisoned to prove a motivated political point - while it may be justifiable, a part of me wants to say it's a bait-and-switch. I'm all for a heavy hand, but the trick feels hollow.

  4. zoerose's rating of the film From Greece

    I cherish balanced accounts about the past of modern Greece. Peter Nestler is not a historian, he is a media archaelogist. Fragments of footage of Greek everyday life and political struggles pieced together in an attempt to recreate the past of troubled nation. From Greece tells a story about history. History belongs in the past, our memories and stories about history belong to us, the people.

  5. captainfez's rating of the film From Greece

  6. DrFirestone's rating of the film From Greece

    I'd say this is a political statement rather than a documentary, and a very fragmented one... This fragmentation is present in all aspects: mostly random footage, some bits of historical events, dates, names, depiction of shocking and cruel war crimes - all this is mashed and squeezed into a nearly 30 minute long voice-over. History is so subjective, complex and easy to be manipulated, I find it scary...

  7. weinbrandbabsi's rating of the film From Greece

  8. AVA's rating of the film From Greece

    Gute Erklärung der Geschehnisse in Griechenland.Bewegend der Zusammenhalt der Bevölkerung. Gut erkennbar ist die Ernsthaftigkeit und Ruhe in der Berichtserstattung,die man in der heutigen Zeit,in der Floskeln,Lockerheit und Rasanz dominieren, suchen muß.

  9. SpacePirate's rating of the film From Greece

    Probably Nestler's most moving piece, this one goes for the gut and is a no holds barred account of Greek oppression. The end with Sotiris Petroulas' street funeral was perhaps the most striking visuals, but the narrative throughout was effective and at times haunting. In short, humans are capable of unending cruelty. 4 stars.

  10. fearraigh's rating of the film From Greece

    Part expiation for Germany's war crimes in Greece, part analysis of the subsequent sacrifice of the Greek people on the altar of Cold War expediency. Nestler doesn't bring quite the same immediacy to the film as he does to his German films but this is an interesting companion piece to Costa Gavras' later Z.

  11. Monkey Flix's rating of the film From Greece

    It's a fascinating but very one-sided snapshot in time. I don't know enough Greek history to know if I agree with it or not. There's doubtless far more to the story than is told here. Taken purely as a historical, contextless glimpse into postwar Greece, it's worth a look.

  12. Victor Morosoff's rating of the film From Greece

  13. Victor Gonzalez's rating of the film From Greece

    Really interesting documentary covering Greek polítics from 1940 to 1965.

  14. Kelvin Thompson's rating of the film From Greece

  15. Ty's rating of the film From Greece

    Amazing. This movie captures feeling, not just rigid facts. Released in 1965, it covers that period as it unfolds. As for WWII, photos and interviews are used instead, which makes sense. The lack of synced sound is just how docs were shot at this time. Soon after, D.A. Pennebaker, Robert Drew and Richard Leacock, et al., invented a camera that could document image and sound portably, which led to the vérité style.

  16. lou.'s rating of the film From Greece

    Another great piece of poetry, I honestly couldn't have expected any less: It's somehow impressing how history can be told with such clarity and purity. These kinds of pages of history should be mandatory in schools. I don't even mind the hard sound of the German language, it perfectly suits the matter which is being presented. Long life to Greece, mother of western thinking and democracy.

  17. Vassilis Tsitsopoulos's rating of the film From Greece

    It takes a German documentary from 1965 to say and show the truth that today is becoming taboo in Greece. Although the actual voices of the Greek people shown are not heard and are substituted by the voice-over, this enhances the impact of the image and the narrative instead of diminishing it. The footage of events is truly rare and revealing. A film that has not aged: it is historical and meta-historical.

  18. lalo_cafaggi's rating of the film From Greece

    Centered in post-war Greece, this documentary is a leftist stand against Fascism. It accounts for the spoils of WWII in Greek towns and the horrible civil war thereafter. However, images and text are unrelated, explanations falter due to its bias and episodes accounted for seem loosely related. Its visual evidence of this awful period in human history helps create conscience, but this isn't a good documentary at all.

  19. Superfrog's rating of the film From Greece

    A story that needs telling, well told, and accompanied with images that leave space for imagination to make up what's missing.

  20. Admir U Gomila Nacrta's rating of the film From Greece

  21. tinderness's rating of the film From Greece

    In seinem Engagement für ein demokratisches Griechenland verliert sich Nestler in einen dozierenden und von kommunistichen Kampfparolen geprägten Stil. Ein formal sehr schwacher Beitrag, der die Sache selbst desavouiert. Schade!

  22. Markus Varnetovich's rating of the film From Greece

  23. Clara's rating of the film From Greece

    Beautiful portrait of rural and industrial communities. Genuine witnessing of people facial traits and their momentum. Excellent cinematography. I've found the over-written historical voice-over narration tiresome.

  24. Samuel T.'s rating of the film From Greece

    Probably the least forgiving/ most blunt of Nestler's films I've seen. Certainly a specimen of Farocki.

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