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  1. Photo of Danièle Huillet

    Danièle Huillet Director and Production Design

  2. Photo of Jean-Marie Straub

    Jean-Marie Straub Director and Production Design

  3. Photo of Max Blonda

    Max Blonda Screenplay

  4. Photo of Richard Salter

    Richard Salter Cast

  5. Photo of Christine Whittlesey

    Christine Whittlesey Cast

  6. Photo of Annabelle Hahn

    Annabelle Hahn Cast

  7. Photo of Claudia Barainsky

    Claudia Barainsky Cast

  8. Photo of Ryszard Karczykowski

    Ryszard Karczykowski Cast

  9. Photo of William Lubtchansky

    William Lubtchansky Cinematography

  10. Photo of Arnold Schönberg

    Arnold Schönberg Music

  11. Photo of Max Schoendorff

    Max Schoendorff Production Design

  12. Photo of Martine Marignac

    Martine Marignac Producer

  13. Photo of Klaus Barm

    Klaus Barm Sound

  14. Photo of Hans-Bernard Bätzing

    Hans-Bernard Bätzing Sound

  15. Photo of Louis Hochet

    Louis Hochet Sound

  16. Photo of Charly Morell

    Charly Morell Sound

  17. Photo of Björn Rosenberg

    Björn Rosenberg Sound

  18. Photo of Georges Vaglio

    Georges Vaglio Sound

  19. Photo of Alessandro Zanon

    Alessandro Zanon Sound