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  1. Photo of Wong Jing

    Wong Jing Director, Screenplay, Executive Producer Producer

  2. Photo of Alvin Chow

    Alvin Chow Executive Producer

  3. Photo of Alex Tong

    Alex Tong Executive Producer

  4. Photo of Dong Yu

    Dong Yu Executive Producer

  5. Photo of Man Keung Cho

    Man Keung Cho Cinematography

  6. Photo of Ng Man-Ching

    Ng Man-Ching Cinematography

  7. Photo of Chow Yun-fat

    Chow Yun-fat Cast

  8. Photo of Nicholas Tse

    Nicholas Tse Cast

  9. Photo of Tian Jing

    Tian Jing Cast

  10. Photo of Andrew Ng

    Andrew Ng Cast

  11. Photo of Chapman To

    Chapman To Cast

  12. Photo of Chung Wai-Chiu

    Chung Wai-Chiu Editing

  13. Photo of Andrew Cheuk

    Andrew Cheuk Production Design

  14. Photo of Chan Kwong-Wing

    Chan Kwong-Wing Music

  15. Photo of Chen Yu-peng

    Chen Yu-peng Music

  16. Photo of Kinson Tsang

    Kinson Tsang Sound

  17. Photo of Chan Chi-Man

    Chan Chi-Man Costume Design

  18. Photo of Jessie Dai

    Jessie Dai Costume Design