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Ratings & Reviews

  1. Lexi Bass's rating of the film Frontrunners

    A quaint little microcosm of America in general. Reminds me of when I lost the student government election in my school nearly 20 years ago...

  2. Mathieu Verbeeck's rating of the film Frontrunners

    A simply-made yet entertaining doc.

  3. Michael Patten's rating of the film Frontrunners

    meh. see bible quiz, same style better movie.

  4.'s rating of the film Frontrunners

    Very well done doc. For those complaining that the subject matter doesn't relate to them -- documentaries on the most obscure, obtuse subjects can be brilliant, just as there are poorly made documentaries following great people. This film explores character nicely and the election gives the dramatic tension required to keep you interested. one of them struck me as the second coming of Nixon, for sure. scary.

  5. Trulove1211's rating of the film Frontrunners

    Loved, loved, loved this movie. If there is any doubt about why or whether the public education system works in this country, the Good Ol' USofA all anyone would have to do is watch this movie. Give our children good schools and they will give us good students and become good citizens.

  6. Eric Morgan's rating of the film Frontrunners

    A solid three and a half stars. This documentary was a great look inside the inner workings of one of New Yorks power schools. Politically somber, sometimes funny, and if you pay attention to what sometimes goes on just to the side of the action- sad. A smart doc that doesn't orchestrate situations for the sake of drama. Highly recommended.

  7. El Biffo's rating of the film Frontrunners

    Fucking pompous teenagers who think they know everything and have the world by the balls. If that sounds good to you, watch this film. The girl in the screenshot was in Todd Solondz' "Palindromes", but this is nothing like that film.

  8. Heidi Elise Haaland's rating of the film Frontrunners

    I was really pulling for the 'dark horse' ticket.

  9. Ethan's rating of the film Frontrunners

    An interesting documentary about young politics and even though I could care less this film actually held my attention throughout, even slightly suspenseful.