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  1. Eric Rucker's rating of the film Fuck for Forest

    I hope the FFF carries on; they succeeded, it was the film that failed. The ending, meaning everything after the ayahuasca tribe, was all straw men and red herrings. Even though I think the film was disingenuos and cynical and exploitive, I am glad I saw it. Certainly fulfilled the mission of the Unusual Subjects series. Great choice, actually. Thank you.

  2. jasmine2121's rating of the film Fuck for Forest

    I don't think this was a documentary at all. I feel like the whole film was scripted and planned. I understand differences in cultures, however, I do feel like this film was mocking that notion. Wasn't a great film; it was honestly one of the worst things I've ever seen and I'm very surprised Mubi decided to use this film on their website. I do not recommend this film to anyone; save your time for something better.

  3. Kevin's rating of the film Fuck for Forest

    The most striking part of this film is the statement that one in ten goes with the sex scheme, and the money earned from internet sales approaches half million. Continues what has become a long tradition of films from the region that take us way out of bounds. The music is especially moribund. Also dispels Norway as the most progressed country. In the end, hysterical, Fitzcarraldo completely undone.

  4. Monkey Flix's rating of the film Fuck for Forest

    A disaster of a film profiling a disaster of an organization. I hope these kids are profoundly embarrassed by this movie in ten years.

  5. David Perez's rating of the film Fuck for Forest

    Fuck for fucking lame! NO STARS. What the fuck are you Mubi curators doing!? YOU FUCKING IDIOTS! Fuck, man.

  6. kinojay33's rating of the film Fuck for Forest

    This film was probably the biggest disappointment of anything that I’ve seen from MUBI. I could excuse the lack on formalistic inventiveness if the subject was unique or interesting enough, but I personally don’t find either qualities in this group of overprivileged, hedonistic, drug-addled and self-absorbed young adults in a state of suspended adolescence posing as “environmentalists”.

  7. AVA's rating of the film Fuck for Forest

    Die Welt braucht Menschen,wie diese. Wenn sie auch- romantisch verklärt -scheitern mit ihrer skurrilen Idee,Sie versuchen etwas.Ihr Ziel ist zu helfen.

  8. koschka's rating of the film Fuck for Forest

    ''So many disasters all around the world and you are talking just about being naked!'' ..this last quote made it clear. But still people like them are important in our society.. and therefore I appreciate the film about them. (Although it was kind of 'lengthy' in the first part)

  9. Patricia Naumann's rating of the film Fuck for Forest

    european rich kids go super alternative, take nudes in the forest, trying to connect with nature. in the end they lose contact to reality. has it's length, but interesting to see this journey of young people believing in an utopia that the people they want to reach don't even want.

  10. Achim Grün's rating of the film Fuck for Forest

    I do not care what anyone says, the world needs people like this! And therefore this documentary simply made me happy. The culture clash in the second part is predictable but still very interesting to see. Does it matter whether a project like this succeeds? Maybe it doesn't!

  11. Giada Pesce's rating of the film Fuck for Forest

    I can't believe I have to even give a star to comment on this. Stylistically ok, but really most uninteresting topic ever. I mean "Fuck for forest"...seriously???

  12. Stefan Drees's rating of the film Fuck for Forest

    It's a weird story. The documentary functions as unmasking of a typical neo-colonialistic helping syndrom of European origin; it show that the Fuck for Forest people in their pseudo-romantic attitude are unable to understand and acknowledge the meaning of cultural differences.

  13. Moeyboy's rating of the film Fuck for Forest

  14. anarresti's rating of the film Fuck for Forest

    This feels, at times, like a mockumentary or a fake documentary. Not because of any lack of talent from the filmakers, or some indecision about style. Maybe because of an ever-present sense of performance, by the ones whose activity is being documented, and by the nature of their performances. And also how candid they do seem about their intentions. They look like characters, not real people. Too genuine to be real.

  15. ‏ㅤ's rating of the film Fuck for Forest

  16. Slowart's rating of the film Fuck for Forest

    marczak's attentive unblinking gaze and monotonous sly voiceover shows brilliant sketches of fff's clashes with a number of various environments / some parts drag a bit but effortless editing keeps the story afloat

  17. Sergio Fernandez's rating of the film Fuck for Forest

    the rise and fall of an environmentalist hippie.