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Ratings & Reviews

  1. Sophie Taylor's rating of the film Fuga

    This haunts me (I swear to god)

  2. Superfrog's rating of the film Fuga

    Nice try but no concerto. Lots of good bits which fail to get tied up into a coherent whole. The ending is particularly disapointing.

  3. Kevin Matthews's rating of the film Fuga

    Pablo Larraín directs this look at lives affected by music, madness, and a large helping of melancholia. It's surprisingly enjoyable, although also a bit more ultimately inconsequential than I expected it to be.

  4. Zachariah Rigby's rating of the film Fuga

    Maybe it's derivative in its portrait of the troubled genius, and the gothic melodrama of some of the motifs (blood on ivory) feels out of place in an otherwise modern looking film, but that melody...

  5. uenus's rating of the film Fuga

    Debo decir que realmente el final me conmovió, PPORQEU TRMINo, LEL

  6. Dries's rating of the film Fuga

    Un Larrain ancora acerbo e irriconoscibile, lontano dal genio delle pellicole successive. Mezzo voto in più per Alfredo Castro nella parte della checca

  7. Nelson Núñez's rating of the film Fuga

    El guión es absolutamente caótico y desastroso. Los personajes no generan empatía alguna y el final es absolutamente arbitrario. Afortunadamente, Pablo Larrain se replantearía su concepción del cine a partir de la fantástica Tony Manero y desde ahí no ha bajado el nivel.

  8. ExperimentoFilm's rating of the film Fuga

    Ambitious but flawed directorial debut which was criticised for being derivative, cliched and pretentious. I thought the unsettling first hour boded really well (story, acting, music, production values all good) but that the film then started to drag (too many coincidences and exaggerations) and several scenes (particularly the ending) seemed rushed or botched and should have been recut, reshot or simply abandoned.

  9. Broken Flowers's rating of the film Fuga

    "I've always been in places from which there is no escape. My parents spent a fortune in driving me crazy, and here I am, seeing if I can save me from myself."