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  1. spasmolytic's rating of the film Funny Ha Ha

    Yeah I guess. If that's what Cassavetes means to you.

  2. cinebaby's rating of the film Funny Ha Ha

    Overrated. I usually like mumblecore but this was a tad too mumbly lol and the characters were just annoying.

  3. ADZERTY's rating of the film Funny Ha Ha

    Les personnages de ce film sont modernes en ce sens qu'ils n'évoluent pas et ne parviennent pas à grandir. Leur vie est paradoxale, à la fois intéressante mais pleine d'instants manqués : ça n'avance pas, peut-être parce qu'ils en voudraient trop.

  4. Rubis's rating of the film Funny Ha Ha

    c'est chouette ! je suis un peu resté sur ma faim, mais j'imagine que c'est a cette fin qu’était prévue la fin.

  5. Guillaume's rating of the film Funny Ha Ha

    Funny Ha Ha is convincing in capturing Marnie's everyday life, romantic struggles and the awkwardness of everyday life. The film seems to focus on that generation's difficulties to maintain meaningful relationships, as the characters struggle to express their emotions while still acting very detached, which doesn't work so well for them. Without any action, the film remains very engaging until the "end".

  6. Pierre.F's rating of the film Funny Ha Ha

    Le réalisme du mumblecore, c'est sympa, efficace mais voilà

  7. Ludovic72's rating of the film Funny Ha Ha

    Un exemple assez typique du style "US indie sous valium" : des personnages totalement indécis ont des discussions hésitantes et nombrilistes, évoluent entre un boulot sans intérêt et de vagues soirées arrosées, se croisent à la supérette ou dans la rue, mais ne règlent jamais grand chose... Marnie, ses potes et ses prétendants sont bien gentils, parfois rigolos, mais d'une mollesse un peu soûlante, comme le rythme.

  8. Mathrouzaud's rating of the film Funny Ha Ha

  9. truffraud's rating of the film Funny Ha Ha

    the phrase 'painfully real' applies here. there are a lot of moments that'll make you squirm, exacerbated by the protagonist marnie, who is infuriating, unpredictable, and repressed. the film works as an exercise in visual realism and naturalistic dialogue.

  10. saitosouta's rating of the film Funny Ha Ha

    Wow, Ah.....this is so-called "Mumblecore,"'s's kind of......nice, yeah nice, have you seen a movie like, that..... ah, know, like this before?....... I am.......ah, no, but maybe like "Slackers" or Cassavedes or something......Cassavetes ? aw, sorry.......where was I?, well, nice.......this is nice, you know, nice comedy, funny comedy, yeah........

  11. Nathan Hopkins's rating of the film Funny Ha Ha

    Mumblecore's often incomprehensible overlapping dialogue breaks all the rules of artistic diction in service of keeping characters true to reality. While I appreciate Funny Ha Ha's attempt to use this to tell and exceedingly unromantic story about an exceedingly normal college grad, the film's experimental nature is its main benefit. I would recommend watching it, but there are better mumblecore films out there.

  12. antibody's rating of the film Funny Ha Ha

    i can't remember if it was 'mutual appreciation' or 'funny ha ha' that i liked, so i'm giving them both three stars

  13. Adam Rapley's rating of the film Funny Ha Ha

    My absolute hands down favourite genre and this is a fantastic showcase for it. Perfect performances and a wonderful feel to the film. Really strong pace and quintessentially abrupt ending. This film really highlights the internal struggles felt by those in this age bracket and time of life and subtly begins to explore the nuances of fluid and equivocal emotion in a time of self-progression.

  14. Cichlisuite's rating of the film Funny Ha Ha

    If you're ever feeling like you're getting old and wish you were young again, here's the perfect antidote. I'm not sure it's this painful for anyone in the real world but if this is youth the kids can have it. Perhaps it only works for viewers in the characters' age bracket but I found it mostly agonising to watch. More funny peculiar than funny ha ha but really not that funny at all.

  15. Sophie Dunlop's rating of the film Funny Ha Ha

    i loved it i want to know more about what happens to her and also her to-do list was so great it is probably very knobby to say but i felt like i ~identified~ a lot with marnie and the emotions in it but i think she is quite just generally relatable maybe?

  16. Jo D's rating of the film Funny Ha Ha

    I liked the pace and rhythm of this. It felt spontaneous and unpredictable. The semi-improvised performances are sophisticated, as intent is obscured by broken and abandoned sentences. Marnie seems afloat, carried along by the desires of other characters with only feeble moments of resistance, right up until the last abrupt moment of the film when we see her come to a decision. The film is slight but impressive.

  17. chazell's rating of the film Funny Ha Ha

  18. Tytus's rating of the film Funny Ha Ha

    Mumblecore at its purest, sweetest and most amusing. Beautifully played by Kate Dollenmayer.

  19. Patrick Sheard's rating of the film Funny Ha Ha

    mumblebore - absolute drivel.

  20. linuskendall's rating of the film Funny Ha Ha

    It's not particularly serious cinema, but still quite enjoyable

  21. miles's rating of the film Funny Ha Ha

    great characters, love how artificial it all seems.

  22. m l's rating of the film Funny Ha Ha

    Gave up after 7 minutes

  23. Farès Moussa's rating of the film Funny Ha Ha

    True 'mumblecore' with very likeable protagonist, that manages to conjure very realistically the floaty identities of post-grad life. Nice minimalist 16mm feel, and very convincing semi-improv dialogue, albeit even more neurotic and un-self-assured than most twenty somethings really are ..think grungy glitchy Woody Allen, without the Psycho-sexual babble and laugh out loud moments, and you're getting there. Nice film

  24. Phoebe Cooper's rating of the film Funny Ha Ha

    Really irritating dialogue. Couldn't watch it all.

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