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  1. Photo of Karl Ritter

    Karl Ritter Director

  2. Photo of Walter Bloem

    Walter Bloem Screenplay

  3. Photo of Charles Klein

    Charles Klein Screenplay

  4. Photo of Kilian Koll

    Kilian Koll Screenplay

  5. Photo of Felix Lützkendorf

    Felix Lützkendorf Screenplay

  6. Photo of Rolf Möbius

    Rolf Möbius Cast

  7. Photo of Ingeborg Theek

    Ingeborg Theek Cast

  8. Photo of Fritz Kampers

    Fritz Kampers Cast

  9. Photo of Berta Drews

    Berta Drews Cast

  10. Photo of René Deltgen

    René Deltgen Cast

  11. Photo of Carl Raddatz

    Carl Raddatz Cast

  12. Photo of Jakob Sinn

    Jakob Sinn Cast

  13. Photo of Ludwig Schmitz

    Ludwig Schmitz Cast

  14. Photo of Hans Reinhard Knitsch

    Hans Reinhard Knitsch Cast

  15. Photo of Karl Wagner

    Karl Wagner Cast

  16. Photo of Willi Rose

    Willi Rose Cast

  17. Photo of Heinz Welzel

    Heinz Welzel Cast

  18. Photo of Wilhelm König

    Wilhelm König Cast

  19. Photo of Kurt Waitzmann

    Kurt Waitzmann Cast

  20. Photo of Franz Weber

    Franz Weber Cast

  21. Photo of Otz Tollen

    Otz Tollen Cast

  22. Photo of Hadrian Maria Netto

    Hadrian Maria Netto Cast

  23. Photo of Heinrich Schroth

    Heinrich Schroth Cast

  24. Photo of Käthe Haack

    Käthe Haack Cast

  25. Photo of Günther Anders

    Günther Anders Cinematography

  26. Photo of Ernst Erich Buder

    Ernst Erich Buder Music

  27. Photo of Walter Röhrig

    Walter Röhrig Production Design

  28. Photo of Gottfried Ritter

    Gottfried Ritter Editing