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  1. Photo of Fritz Lang

    Fritz Lang Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Bartlett Cormack

    Bartlett Cormack Screenplay

  3. Photo of Norman Krasna

    Norman Krasna Story

  4. Photo of Sylvia Sidney

    Sylvia Sidney Cast

  5. Photo of Spencer Tracy

    Spencer Tracy Cast

  6. Photo of Walter Abel

    Walter Abel Cast

  7. Photo of Bruce Cabot

    Bruce Cabot Cast

  8. Photo of Edward Ellis

    Edward Ellis Cast

  9. Photo of Walter Brennan

    Walter Brennan Cast

  10. Photo of Frank Albertson

    Frank Albertson Cast

  11. Photo of George Walcott

    George Walcott Cast

  12. Photo of Arthur Stone

    Arthur Stone Cast

  13. Photo of Morgan Wallace

    Morgan Wallace Cast

  14. Photo of George Chandler

    George Chandler Cast

  15. Photo of Roger Gray

    Roger Gray Cast

  16. Photo of Edwin Maxwell

    Edwin Maxwell Cast

  17. Photo of Howard C. Hickman

    Howard C. Hickman Cast

  18. Photo of Jonathan Hale

    Jonathan Hale Cast

  19. Photo of Leila Bennett

    Leila Bennett Cast

  20. Photo of Esther Dale

    Esther Dale Cast

  21. Photo of Helen Flint

    Helen Flint Cast

  22. Photo of Joseph Ruttenberg

    Joseph Ruttenberg Cinematography

  23. Photo of Franz Waxman

    Franz Waxman Music

  24. Photo of Joseph L. Mankiewicz

    Joseph L. Mankiewicz Producer

  25. Photo of Frank Sullivan

    Frank Sullivan Editing

  26. Photo of William LeVanway

    William LeVanway Editing

  27. Photo of Douglas Shearer

    Douglas Shearer Sound