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Ratings & Reviews

  1. In Prague's rating of the film Futures Market

    probably one of the most surprising and interesting questions in film: how does market overflow produce the inflation of memory, by depreciating the objects that carry the trace and are associated with that memory? it is not about the bare idolatry of things, as in the bourgeois mindset, but about a function, that of a symbolic support, hopelessly eroding with the continuous, insane quest for the new. memory is

  2. Matt Richards's rating of the film Futures Market

    An intriguing and evocative fly-on-the wall style documentary that inter-cuts between a share trading office, a property speculator's conference and a scrap market. There is a minimal voice over offering little mantras to be mulled over during the ensuing sections that can be very effective. We are asked to question our sense of place and purpose and memory in an engaging and non-prescriptive manner. 3.5 stars