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  1. Polyglot's rating of the film Gabbeh

  2. Rafael Zen's rating of the film Gabbeh

    With breathtaking images and full of poetry, Gabbeh is a fantastic tale about simple things like love, life and death. I dig how the film uses real people and delivers good performances: on the other hand, it sticks to simple life lessons - there's a simplicity of screenwriting that intrigues me. This is a film to be rewatched and refelt - over and over again: in all its colors.

  3. DarthVader's rating of the film Gabbeh

    Hayatın renkleri, renklerin hayatı; filmdeki şiir, şiirdeki film.

  4. Ferit Karaduman's rating of the film Gabbeh

    masal olmaya uzak, gerçek olmaya da... ama yine de başarılı...

  5. Korhan Kalabalık's rating of the film Gabbeh

    Özellikle Gabbeh'in elindeki siyah iplik topunun dereye düşmesi, yuvarlanması sahnesindeki o anlatım, ölümün bu denli duru bir vaziyette aktarılabilmesi ve fakat durağanlığın buna kattığı trajedi Makhmalbaf sinemasına ilgi duymak için yeterli bir sebep herhalde. Ayrıca yanımızda fakat bir o kadar da uzağımızda olan İran'ın ne denli canlı bir medeniyet olduğunun da kanıtı bu filmle Makhmalbaf.

  6. Dogukan4Ever's rating of the film Gabbeh

  7. Mehmet Şahin's rating of the film Gabbeh

    Colorful and naturalistic movie , like kurosawa's Ran. On the other hand poetical cinema fells itself.

  8. Robert W Peabody III's rating of the film Gabbeh

    Gabbeh (1996) DIR Mohsen Makhmalbaf SCR Mohsen Makhmalbaf 75 Min behind every cradle lies a tomb life is color

  9. DSPRKY's rating of the film Gabbeh

    A simple story about colour and love that makes use of some interesting cinematic devices.

  10. N!nA's rating of the film Gabbeh

    At least one of the girls in "Salaam Cinema" movie acted in a film.

  11. Accept No Substitutions's rating of the film Gabbeh

    This may be the most beautiful film I've ever seen. Life is a landscape. Memory is a tapestry. Color is felt in the hands. Fairy tale as Pure Cinema. 75 minutes I didn't want to end.

  12. liside's rating of the film Gabbeh

  13. All Is Grace's rating of the film Gabbeh

    Child is color, love is color, death is color, Life is color. Red, blue, green, yellow, white... and black.

  14. Jazzaloha's rating of the film Gabbeh

    No reviews? I'd like to assume that people love this film so much that they were daunted by writing a review that would do this film justice. If I had to choose the best film of the 90s, this might be my choice. "Poetic" is a adjective often thrown around to describe art films, but in this case the adjective is totally appropriate. I need to see this again to see if it's as good as I thought it was.