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  1. OldGermanCurrency's rating of the film Gabrielle

  2. Sunrise's rating of the film Gabrielle

    Incredibly perceptive work! Of fidelity, whom bridges the "two worlds" of the sexes? Men are of belief and application of societal rules, convictions as goals achieved, expository declarations and alignment of words and ideals. Women of implicit passions, truth in actions rather than contemplations, and the comprehension of the male "rules" without the need of their belief. One manages diffusion only with sacrifice.

  3. comeandsee's rating of the film Gabrielle

    an engaging and interesting work of film. a really effective period piece, with some interesting use of alternating black and white and colour to display different points of action. sedate and well paced, this film has a real ethereal mood to it. isabelle huppert gives the painful, tortured kind of performance she has become the best in the world at with a kind of unseen emotional violence.

  4. Edwin N's rating of the film Gabrielle

    Patrice Chereau filme d'une facon assez subtile les non-dits qui hantent les couples, et d'une efficacite rare.Huppert est extraordinaire, tandisque la performance de Pascal Greggory est habitee tel que l'on a encore jamais vu aujourd'hui.Il semble se defouler, devient fou, se mondre posseseur de demons.Les sequences noir-blanc/couleurs sont plutots pretentieuses, mais elles cachent un quelconque symbolisme.

  5. Olufunlayo's rating of the film Gabrielle

    A masterpiece! Highly recommended.