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  1. Photo of António Lopes Ribeiro

    António Lopes Ribeiro Director

  2. Photo of R. Erich Philippi

    R. Erich Philippi Screenplay

  3. Photo of Correia da Silva

    Correia da Silva Screenplay

  4. Photo of Francisco Correia de Matos

    Francisco Correia de Matos Producer

  5. Photo of Raul de Carvalho

    Raul de Carvalho Cast

  6. Photo of Nita Brandao

    Nita Brandao Cast

  7. Photo of Olly Gebauer

    Olly Gebauer Cast

  8. Photo of Arthur Duarte

    Arthur Duarte Cast

  9. Photo of António Silva

    António Silva Cast

  10. Photo of Armando Machado

    Armando Machado Cast

  11. Photo of José Santos

    José Santos Cast

  12. Photo of Alfredo Nunes

    Alfredo Nunes Cast

  13. Photo of Mariana Alves

    Mariana Alves Cast

  14. Photo of Rui Gastão da Silveira

    Rui Gastão da Silveira Cast

  15. Photo of Sig Arno

    Sig Arno Cast

  16. Photo of Heinrich Gärtner

    Heinrich Gärtner Cinematography

  17. Photo of F. Bernaldez y Eder

    F. Bernaldez y Eder Sound

  18. Photo of L. Verol Frazão

    L. Verol Frazão Sound

  19. Photo of Paul Boistelle

    Paul Boistelle Sound

  20. Photo of Luís de Freitas Branco

    Luís de Freitas Branco Music

  21. Photo of Hans May

    Hans May Music