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  1. Photo of Gregory J. Markopoulos

    Gregory J. Markopoulos Director, Cinematography, Producer Editing

  2. Photo of Allen Ginsberg

    Allen Ginsberg Cast

  3. Photo of Susan Sontag

    Susan Sontag Cast

  4. Photo of George Kuchar

    George Kuchar Cast

  5. Photo of Mike Kuchar

    Mike Kuchar Cast

  6. Photo of Jonas Mekas

    Jonas Mekas Cast

  7. Photo of W.H. Auden

    W.H. Auden Cast

  8. Photo of Parker Tyler

    Parker Tyler Cast

  9. Photo of Amy Taubin

    Amy Taubin Cast

  10. Photo of Maurice Sendak

    Maurice Sendak Cast

  11. Photo of Shirley Clarke

    Shirley Clarke Cast

  12. Photo of Jasper Johns

    Jasper Johns Cast

  13. Photo of Charles Boultenhouse

    Charles Boultenhouse Cast

  14. Photo of Storm De Hirsch

    Storm De Hirsch Cast