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  1. Photo of Rintaro

    Rintaro Director

  2. Photo of Roger Corman

    Roger Corman Executive Producer

  3. Photo of Chiaki Imada

    Chiaki Imada Executive Producer

  4. Photo of Kon Ichikawa

    Kon Ichikawa Screenplay

  5. Photo of Shiro Ishimori

    Shiro Ishimori Screenplay

  6. Photo of Trish Ledoux

    Trish Ledoux Screenplay

  7. Photo of Leiji Matsumoto

    Leiji Matsumoto Screenplay

  8. Photo of Masatoshi Fukui

    Masatoshi Fukui Cinematography

  9. Photo of Toshio Katayama

    Toshio Katayama Cinematography

  10. Photo of Masako Nozawa

    Masako Nozawa Cast

  11. Photo of Masako Ikeda

    Masako Ikeda Cast

  12. Photo of Yôko Asagami

    Yôko Asagami Cast

  13. Photo of Miyoko Asô

    Miyoko Asô Cast

  14. Photo of Makio Inoue

    Makio Inoue Cast

  15. Photo of Ryoko Kinomiya

    Ryoko Kinomiya Cast

  16. Photo of Tatsuya Jô

    Tatsuya Jô Cast

  17. Photo of Kaneta Kimotsuki

    Kaneta Kimotsuki Cast

  18. Photo of Izumi Okuma

    Izumi Okuma Editing

  19. Photo of Masaaki Hanai

    Masaaki Hanai Editing

  20. Photo of Takamura Mukuo

    Takamura Mukuo Production Design

  21. Photo of Nozomi Aoki

    Nozomi Aoki Production Design and Music

  22. Photo of Yukihide Takekawa

    Yukihide Takekawa Music

  23. Photo of Tomeko Horikawa

    Tomeko Horikawa Animation

  24. Photo of Chûichi Iguchi

    Chûichi Iguchi Animation

  25. Photo of Yoshinobu Ineno

    Yoshinobu Ineno Animation

  26. Photo of Yoshinori Kanada

    Yoshinori Kanada Animation

  27. Photo of Yoshiaki Kanemori

    Yoshiaki Kanemori Animation

  28. Photo of Yoshinori Kanemori

    Yoshinori Kanemori Animation

  29. Photo of Nobumichi Kawamura

    Nobumichi Kawamura Animation